Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why They are Interested in Astrology

"What do you love about astrology?" I asked some of my astrology students. These are some things my students have said. How do you feel?

Student 1: What do I love about astrology? The symbolism and archetypes, and the psychological end is pretty fascinating as well. I've only been reading people's charts for about a year and after having made such extreme differences in those people's lives, I know that astrology is something I'll be doing for a long time. I love reminding people of (or sometimes introducing them to) the great depth and meaning of their own personal value and worth. I'm an INFP, I love being able to heal others.

Student 2: my interests lie in all the areas of astrology which you cited namely, psychology, spirituality, healing and motivation. i particularly enjoy karmic astrology and the past life information gleaned from the mid-heaven. as for how i can help someone with astrology - well at this point my assistance extends to friends and particularly the staff of the coffee shop i visit every morning for my double espresso! i always relate your emails and particularly the latest position of pluto in respect to being tied to a leash till november 28th. everyone could relate!! how things work with me is that i start to study for myself and my own personal concerns and then if i have any aptitude it usually extends out to others therefore i cant say how i intend to help others from this vantage point before embarking on the course. my latest experiences of astrology have been positive - the explanation you gave me of my 'dark night of the soul' explained much of my experience in the last l8 months and helped ease the confusion around my circumstances. overall my understanding of astrology has evolved from blind belief when i was a teenager to tempered consideration in my current stage of life. i always look for relevance - if its not there i discard or put the info on hold.

Student 3: What I love the most about astrology is how very personal it is in a very impersonal way. It can certainly help us accept ourselves easier and at the same time help us overcome the areas we have yet to balance. I just love it! Even studying just the sun signs has been very enlightening toward understanding other people and their choices. As a mother, astrology has helped me with parenting skills for each individual child, having basic house rules for all is important, however, understanding the astrological differences certainly helps the mentoring process better. I also have gained some patience because of my study in astrology as I can better see that everything has time in the universe.

Student 4: I love astrology b/c it is the original study of personality that predates all the constructs we know today. While these modern ones can limit a person to strict confines if they allow it, astrology gives you the insight that life can be fractally reduced to a series of rotations and circles and revolutions that are constantly changing. As above as is below... astrology represents a natural rhythm -- and reveals a natural pattern -- of life.

I love also its ties to Greek culture. I read the following in a book recently:

"People want to forget Christ was a Jew," she said. "The apostles were Jews. Paul was a Jew. Think of all the philosophers, the writers, the poets, the actors, the film directors, the musicians, the composers, conductors who are Jewish. Western culture rests on the shoulders of the Jews. Christian faith rests on the shoulders of the Jews."

"You're counting out the Greeks," he said.

"The Greeks… The Greeks are not about suffering and redemption. The Greeks are earthbound. They're about defying fate. They're about passion and pride. The Western world may have taken on their ideas, but it's alien to us, their pagan spirit. Anyway… we don't deny what we owe the Greeks. The Jews we persecute and despise. They gave and still give. We take all – and have the Inquisition, pogroms and the Holocaust to our credit."

--Beatrice in "Before"

This captured in an interesting way for me the appeal and resonance of Greek culture and mythology on our collective unconscious. One that taps the pagan roots of grasping spirituality through the study of multiple gods and goddesses, rather than a single, male figure.

I am mainly interested in psychology and motivation.

**being my unique self, or being their unique self? Either way, I think I will help by pulling in different forms of knowing (astrology, archetypal psychology (specifically god and goddess archetypes), personality mapping, etc.) to give people unique insights into their motivations and ways they can transform.

I believe [astrology] helps people understand themselves. Everyone will hold their sign up as a telescope to their lives and interpret what they see differently-- that is a beautiful thing about astrology. If used right, it can be a powerful tool for self knowledge and development. Even those things that do not resonate, if you meditate on it long enough, you can discover how it applies to your life, giving you unexpected and deep insight.

My best, most insightful experience with astrology was at my Saturn's return, when I had ... Nancy, do my chart. That chart reading opened me up more fully to the concept of the karmic path in life (through an understanding of the north and south nodes)

I had followed astrology closely before, and continued to do so since --less as a daily guide, but more as a tool to grasp meaning in my relationships and ways I can and need to continue developing as a person. This is the power of astrology that I find most interesting... how it can help someone better understand and define their unique self.

Student 5: For more than 15 years I've studied and been involved in psychology, counselling & psychotherapy, stress management/goal setting/communications. Presently I'm a motivational guest speaker in xxx. I've found my knowledge about Astrology has helped me understand myself, family, and friends alot better. It can indeed assist people, especially when emotional issues or life problems cause difficulties/health problems.

Student 6:

What I love about astrology is....

  • -Its amazing correctness of individual behaviour. Incompatibility and compatibility of people.
    -The knowing of energies that can affect many people on the planet at the same time.
    -The wonder of how I can recognise and know more of who I am. At times its Like looking in a mirror when I read about my sun, birth sign
    -Its usefulness in being guidance in/to relationships, partnerships and life.
    -The understanding it can provide as to why some people may suffer moods and depression.
    -The planets, stars, universe and so much that is out of reach, mysterious, intriguing, and interesting.

  • I am interested in psychology, healing, spirituality, motivation?...

    -I have explored psychology in areas of behaviour, the self, sociology. I found it interesting, It helped me become more positive and understanding of others and life events. It opened my life in a way. I would love to use knowledge of psychology in the working field of an investigator :)
    -My interest in healing has lead to self-healing, Reiki, and working voluntary with spiritual healing at a local healing centre. I have seen beneficial results from the laying on of hands healing, distant healing and prayer.
    -Knowing oneself from astrology, ones personality, strengths and weaknesses can be a healing strength.
    -My spirituality has grown over the past 30 to 40 years (ARGH! it makes me sound aged) and is still growing. For me spirituality has given me a greater understanding of life, nature, compassion, love, the world and myself and brought forth many wonderful unexplained interesting, mysterious and scary happenings. I have felt the power of energy and love. A force not to be abused but respected at all times.
    -Motivation! I love the feeling of motivation. Because at times I lack in energy, when I feel motivation it is to me like true self-power. Opportunities, adventure, and excitement can flow into life. I can feel alive, feel good, get things done achieve many things. Being motivated can encourage others to be motivated. Inspiration, creativity can flow when motivated.
    -Motivation can be positive or negative. Depends on what one is motivated towards. Being over motivated can sometimes create social complications or ill health.

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