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Are There Really Bad Charts?

A "dangerously unpredictable future"?

Roman Polanski had a horrible life, now reviewed in the recently released documentary by Marina Zenovich called, "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired".

According to Robert Ebert, film critic, "Zenovich ... achieved extraordinary access to the other still-living players in the case, and they all seem to be in agreement: Polanski is correct in saying the judge played with him as a cat might play with a mouse. The corruption in Rittenband's courtroom was worthy of "Chinatown." Polanski fled this country to avoid unjust prosecution and is still in exile.

Review the details of his life here:

What does his chart look like? Could any of this horror have been predicted?

There are two indications of fated tragedies and loss, Moon conjunct Pluto and Mars square Pluto. Saturn in the 4th house is also difficult. It speaks of generations of outcasts (Polanski's parents were involved in the holocaust), especially persecution for being "different".

Where would it indicate his wife would be murdered? Uranus in the 7th is a sudden ending, a shocking ending to a marriage, Moon/Pluto is unspeakably tragic losses and Mars/Pluto can mean violence but people who have these planets and aspects don't all have their beautiful, pregnant wives brutally murdered.

The 11th house represents the "legal system" as against "the study of the law" which is given to the 9th house. Polanski's 11th house is afflicted with Neptune and the South Node there in upstaging Leo. It almost suggests the trial fiasco was some kind of grotesque parody of his own behavior in an important past life, a karmic payback.

The loss of his child in utero is represented by Moon/Pluto. Moon/Pluto is often the saddest of things with the least preparation or resources for coping. It is very vulnerable in his chart in Cancer right at the Midheaven. Believe me, this man knew suffering.

Moon/Pluto seems to leave permanent blight. After the holocaust and living on the streets in Poland and the murder of his wife and child, I'm not sure how to hold this man accountable for much, though of course it is morally wrong to get involved with a 13 year old. More power to Polanski for going on to rebuild his life each time, eventually directing "The Pianist" which in 2002 won academy awards for best director and best actor (Adrien Brody). This is definitely Viktor Frankl territory.

This chart shows ever present and unbearable pain and an early desire to flee "everything" as if HE at least knew what was coming. He became very detached around age 12. He has very prophetic visions and dreams so I am sure he had dark premonitions.

At the time Sharon Tate, his wife, was murdered (1969) he had Pluto ominously crossing the 12th and Saturn starting into the 8th. All the ghosts were waking up in his subconscious if not to say the very horsemen of the apocalypse. Trauma repeats itself to be understood. "Holocaust" was repeated at a very personal level.

By the time of his trial for sexual inappropriateness in 1977 Pluto was sitting right on the Ascendant. Lights out! Saturn was also approaching his Sun. It seems an act of responsibility to flee certain injustice and take care of himself when his tendencies prior to that had probably always been self destructive and suicidal.

A final observation. Polanski's Rising is 15 degrees Libra. In horary astrology, a branch which can sometimes reveal interesting additional information, Al Buruni doesn't specify which degrees of Libra and Scorpio are the Via Combustia or Burning Way, but it is now believed to be 15 degrees Libra to 15 Scorpio. This puts Pulanski's Rising sign in the Via Combustia.

In horary astrology if the Moon is found in the Via Combustia the chart is declared not radical [cannot be read] and discarded, because the future is dangerously unpredictable at this time. Perhaps it applies to Moon/Pluto square 15 degrees Libra.

This might be a good time to read Liz Greene's book on fate (Pluto). I wish this man peace.

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