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10 Good Tips from Mister Rogers

27 Apr 09 The Top Ten Things I Learned from Mister Rogers

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Mister Rogers makes everyone feel special and valued, and he's one of my heroes.
1. You can never go down, never go down, never go down the drain. When life can involve divorce, layoffs, losing a child, moving 2 weeks before your baby's due and you have a toddler and a dog with a new litter of puppies, working full-time and being a single-parent, or starting a new career at 55, it's good to know you can never go down the drain!

2. You can stop when you want to, stop when you wishEver say to yourself -- stop the madness? Mister Rogers reminds us that we can stop when we want to. Make the carousel slow down so you can enjoy the ride. You're in control. Stop the roller coaster and get off. End a relationship that isn't working. Change a career when the passion's gone. Eliminate the tolerations in your life! You can stop when you want to, stop when you wish.

3. It's great to be able to stop when you've planned a thing that's wrong and to be able to do something else instead. Problem-solving! When you're working at a problem and the answer isn't forthcoming, try something new. The solution isn't doubling your efforts at a failing proposition. If you're having the same things happen over and over again in your relationships, stop what you're doing and do something else. Try something new! If you keep doing' what you've been doin', you're gonna keep gettin' what you been gettin'.

4. There's something deep inside that helps us become what we can. Develop your intuition and pay attention to what it tells you. It's the best guide to what's best for you and what will work for you. Listen to that still, small voice inside and let it be your guide ... it's an EQ competency.

5. When the whole wide world seems oh so wrong and nothing you do seems very right, you can punch a bag, pound some clay or some dough, or round up friends for a game of tag or see how fast you can go. Change what you can, and those things you can't ... go chop some wood, or take a bike ride, or call your coach and talk the feelings out. You might as well learn to manage those feelings constructively now, because the stakes are just going to get higher in life, so the feelings will too. It's a lifelong mission changing what you can, and finding some play-doh when you can't!

6. What a good feeling to feel like this and know that the feeling is really mine. Knowing what you feel and living in the moment will add much enjoyment to your life. We ARE our feelings, and the more we're able to let them into awareness and accept them fully, the richer our lives will be, and the more US we'll be. If you can't experience your sadness, you can't experience your joy. And don't let someone else's feelings get mixed up with yours. Just because your spouse is having a down day doesn't mean you have to. Just because your co-worker hates his job doesn't mean you have to. Know your feelings and know that they're really yours.

7. A girl can some day be a woman, and a boy can some day be a man. Yup!

8. You know, playing at the computer's different from watching a television program. You can bring your own ideas to whatever happens on the computer, and your ideas are special. So are you! I think the computer is the most wonderful medium for self-expression we've had since crayons and manila paper! I'm watching clients, friends and loved ones blossom and grow through the Internet -- learning new things, making new cyber-friends, trying new things, and extending and enriching their lives. It's a great way to share you, who are special, and your ideas too.

9. Some are fancy on the outside/Some are fancy on the inside/Everybody's fancy/Everybody's fine/Discovering each one's specialty/Is the most important learning. Discover and develop the ways in which you're special. You'll reach a higher, more consistent level of performance, feel a deeper sense of satisfaction, and be able to share your real gifts with the world. (See the Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Focus on Your Strengths at http://www.topten.org/public/AB/AB100.html.)

10. If you've got a plan/Now's the time to try it/If you've got an airplane/Fly it/This is just the day. When will you start that new career? Ask that woman to marry you? Hug your child? Get online? Have the baby you've been wanting? Find work that feeds your passion? Quit drinking? Stop smoking? Write a teacher who meant a lot to you in the past? This is just the day!

About the author: Susan Dunn is a personal and professional growth coach, specializing in emotional intelligence. You can visit her on the web at http://www.susandunn.cc.

Author: Susan Dunn, M.A

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nncy Fenn Predicted Swine Flu Epidemic April 11 , 2009

As the boys like to say, "Damn I'm good." I just wish I hadn't been right.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hannibal Hannibal Catovic

Standing Tall Next to My Dad - I Love You, Daddy

Ray Garrett, Jr.
19th Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission
and his proud daughter
Nancy Garrett Worcester aka Nancy R. Fenn
I always stood tall around my Dad ... Jupiter precedes his Leo Sun ... isn't that the quintesential wonderful, loving, great spirited, jovial father?
We are celebrating his life and accomplishments June 25 in Washington DC at the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the SEC. He will be mentioned there in passing but he lives in my heart forever.

Animial MEdium

Look closely and you'll see Peter Marie, a black and white cat, sitting on top of a gray car.

Peter Marie was a rescued cat who went to live with Horst next door.

Peter Marie is dying and has been coming back to sit like this on my daughter's car. My daughter is a MEdium, South Node in the 8th house, and frequenty dying animals find their way to her for help in crossing over.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Dressed "Moroccan" for dinnner tonight at the Marakkesh in La Jolla;

Just Amazing Elephant Behavior

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quotable Quote

"The shadow of a cornstalk on the ground is lovely, but it is no denial of its loveliness to see as one looks on it that it is telling the time of day, the position of the earth and the sun, the size of our planet and its shape, and perhaps even the length of its life and ours among the stars."
ARTHUR MILLER, "The Shadows of the Gods"

God Uranus

Good things ruled by Uranus:
· Electricity
· Vibes
· The people
· Prometheus
· The future
· Friends
· Politics
· Higher truths that are liberating
· Freedom
· Egalitarianism
· Brotherhood
· Inventions
· Innovation
· Uniqueness
· Liberation
· revolution

Some great Uranian types we re Peter the Great, Admiral Lord Nelson (completely changed naval warfare), Charles Darwin, Abe Lincoln, Nickolas Tessla, Albert Einstein

You could use this energy to get some mind blowing perspectives that change your forever.

Uranus and Accidents

  • Yeah, yesterday when going to park my car I pulled a u-turn in the street to pull up alongside the curb, like I always do, and I banged right into the curb and tore up my tire and scraped my rim. And I know my car's dimension's pretty well....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Uranus Moves through the Heavens with Mars

How did Uranus affect you these last few days?

  • I feel like that and it’s driving me crazy.

  • Boy -- ain't that the truth! Sudden fight with xxx, and xxx over the last three or four days, came out of no where. Two nights of fitful sleep, one horror story night. But I'm out of it and feeling better at least right now. Thanks Nancy. I love it that you give me these tips. It keeps me feeling in touch with the natural world, astrology, and with you!

  • re: Uranus--I've had to take a little melatonin for a couple of nights or I would have been wide awake all night--the energy is awesome.

  • Thanks for sending this! I was up all night last night, despite having just taken a yoga class. Couldn't figure out what it was!

  • Exactly! My sleep has been all out of whack over the last few days!! Mars is square Uranus in my natal chart and I have a Moon/Uranus conjunction. I'm a pretty chronic insomniac to start with, but lately my sleep has been disturbed in the most obnoxious way, I'm going to sleep and waking up like 10-15 times a night!

  • OMG, that would explain yesterday, I did 1/2 way sleep (a little cabernet) but strung out, nerves felt like I had 100 cups of coffee in me, really. Very hard to concentrate on work, get anything done, etc. If I take tea party time can I do it again with Slash and Ozzy?

  • Hi Nancy - My name is xxx and, of course, I am on your list. How the hell long has Uranus being doing this. I have been dizzy for about 10 days to two weeks and am blaming it on my TMJ. I even went to the doc & I have no ear infection????Thanks

  • [and, quite sadley] Xxx had a stroke early this morning.

  • Wow! I didn't expect this many people to feel the same way. When I saw your original email and saw the word "dizzy" it explained everything to me! I NEVER get dizzy. Since past Friday up til Sun/Mon I was feeling dizzy and didn't know why. And then yesterday I was SO irritable and gave my boyfriend a hard time over a petty thing for no reason. I couldn't control myself! Up until tonight I have just been feeling out of it, a little delusional, and uncomfortable. That's not normal for me. I have also been waking up almost every hour. My Mars is an out of sign square to my Uranus (sign-wise they should be trine) and my Uranus is in my first house, so that might explain why it affected me so personally!

  • Are you kidding??! That explains it! I swear - I never get dizzy but since last Saturday I've had these weird dizzy spells where I thought I was going to fall down or pass out. It was so confusing...and I've been so tired. I initially thought it was blood sugar or dehydration but those reasons made no sense. Couldn't figure it out...no drinking , smoking, strange food, lack of food etc. It was so out of the ordinary for me. Late Sunday I finally concluded it must be some weird energy shift in the world.

  • So glad you sent this email. What is the deal with Uranus and this energy? What does it represent?Wow. All three of us in our house are feeling this. xXX has been having nightmares and can't sleep at night, for the past week xXX has been tossing and turning and I've been dizzy, exhausted, and feeling very irritable. I'm looking forward to hearingmore about Uranus and getting through this challenging time.

  • thanks Nancy, yes I too have woken up in the night for no reason, felt very edgy, unable to settle down to any job, felt weepy and have been a bit clumsy. I feel like throwing everything away and running off somewhere else ! J, Uk

  • My great grand daughter was born in the early morning hours at 2:25 April 19th right here in San Diego. The problem was very severe, she arrived with a gram positive staph infection of the lungs. She is still in neonatal care, but is doing better. Her brain activity has been deemed normal and she is responding to treatment. Apparently this happens more often than we realize and they say every hour they remain alive with something like this the better chance they have of living a normal and happy life. I certainly hope so.
    I am going to try the Chamomile Tea anyway.

  • I appreciate the heads up. I could have gotten in to a nasty fight last night with my partner, but just walked away, knowing that it was probably just uranus acting up.

  • Thank you for this note -- it certainly matches my current experiences. Sleep has been very disordered these several weeks -- and last night was really remarkable -- completely unable to sleep until after 3:30 in the morning -- during the wakefulness, I did self-blessings and protectings, and finally just relaxed into "what is, is what is" and surrendered to the energy -- it was a full body buzz, and I inner eye saw clouds of beautiful magenta color and lime green color around my body -- I realized it was a most remarkable gift and blessing, a renewal and cleansing of energy. I had one hour's sleep, and I feel wonderful today. I am so grateful for the energies of the solar system, God's great clockwork of energies designed to bring about the enlightenment of all beings and the ascension of the planet.

  • I'm Xxx who runs the astrology class in England. On Tuesday we had our best group meeting yet which was interesting for Mars/Uranus I thought! I was so full of energy afterwards that I couldn't wind down and had a sleepless night! Thanks for your brilliant messages.

  • Hi Nancy, I had a different experience. I was walking around during two day with a kind of being in space, seeing and hearing the sound of a big planet above me. After you've been sending the planet picture, I am not sure that it has been uranus. My vision was that of a bigger planet..

That Crazy Old Uranus

IF you felt dizzy, nerve-wracked, out of sorts, out of body, out of control, highly irritable, sleepless, exhausted and strung out the last few days, you’re sensitive to the wild and crazy plant Uranus which just contacted Mars. Some people are highly sensitized to Uranian energy. Things should settle down here in a few days.

For best results meantime, try the old reliables, deep conscious breathing and a cup of hot chamomile tea.

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Mma Makutsi and Mma Ramotswe are "the Ladies"

Photo from wiki [fair use]

We are immensely enjoying the new HBO series The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency which started March 28. It is actually filmed n Botswana and it is so easy to fall in love with the characters and the country. It is a very charming work of love based on the novels by Alexander McCall Smith. Sydney Pollack was involved.

More from wiki ...

"... the production showcases a modern, relatively prosperous African nation before a large television audience.... The producer said"People have talked about the responsibility of doing justice to Alexander McCall Smith’s novel, but with this production, we also felt a strong sense of responsibility as white people making the first motion picture filmed entirely in Botswana, and presenting modern Botswana to the rest of the world."

"Producer Moore has commented that the story struck her with the idea "That leading a good life is possible; that being a good person is possible; that being a good neighbor is possible; that truth can exist alongside beauty. I thought, this African book can teach the Western world a lot."

"Producer Minghella called the experience of filming in Botswana an "amazing adventure" and noted the beauty of the country's landscapes. He said "Particularly fascinating to me was working and filming in an African country where old and new are currently coexisting, where traditional values have not yet been eroded by the demands and efficiencies and neuroses of the modern. It was a privilege to be working on a film which celebrates what we can learn from Africa, and not what we think we can teach it."["

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two for Venus Retrograde

Two different Venus Retrograde experiennces.

Her:Any idea when Venus goes direct? I am seeing usually normal people become RAGING nut bars!!!!!! Out of control, completely. What a nasty girl our Venus is when she is in retrograde.

HIM: Yeah...some folks have become a littel unhinged...my experience for the most part though has just been questioning and re-evaluating almost every relationship in my life. So exhausting! Can't wait for the 16th....!