Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two for Venus Retrograde

Two different Venus Retrograde experiennces.

Her:Any idea when Venus goes direct? I am seeing usually normal people become RAGING nut bars!!!!!! Out of control, completely. What a nasty girl our Venus is when she is in retrograde.

HIM: Yeah...some folks have become a littel experience for the most part though has just been questioning and re-evaluating almost every relationship in my life. So exhausting! Can't wait for the 16th....!

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Anonymous said...

Today had to "poles". My sick husband, having to drag him around, fill out all the forms, everyone was nice, no problems.
Tonight: a client I worked with earlier in the year had found his "dream home" one he and his wife had admired for years. It came on the market and was "bank owned" so they underpriced it. He got out bid and was depressed. I told him: If that is to be your house, it WILL be your house, no matter who put in a bid and signed paper work, I see deals with kinks all the time and you sit. Be still. Think about what you want. Your goal for your family and your self. Guess what? He called tonight. He GOT THE HOUSE, AT HIS PRICE! And he sent me a client in the Atlanta area with connections.