Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting in the Mood - Nancy R. Fenn

Saturn enters Libr

As Saturn enters Libra for the first time in 30 years, you’ll hear one astrologer after another tell you it’s all about relationships. It’s not. It’s all about integrity of the self.

How many “different people” are you? How often have you sold out to be popular or well liked? Are you consistent about what you tell people or do you talk behind someone’s back? When was the last time you triangulated? Do you talk out both sides of your mouth? Do you promise mo re than you can deliver?

Time to clean up your act.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Words to DEM MILNERS TRERN, a Yiddish Folk Song

A friend gave me the words to Dem Milners Trern, theYiddish folk song they played at the end of the Coen Brothers' new film, "A Serious Man".


Oh, how many years have gone by,

Since I am miller here?

The wheels (of the mill) are turning,

The years are passing,

I’m already old and gray.

There are days when I try to remember,

If I ever had a bit of luck.

The wheels are turning,

The years are passing,

No answer comes back to me.

I have heard them say,

they want to drive me,

From the town and from the mill,

The wheels are turning,

The years are passing,

Without an end and without a goal.

Where will I live?

Who will look after of me?

I’m already old,

I’m already tired.T

he wheels are turning

The years are passing,

And together with them,

the Jew is dying.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What about the Stock Market November 17th?

Incredibly, the North Node of the New York Stock Exchange is only 1 degree from Saturn's ingress into Libra and its progressed Sun is right at Pluto's position in Capricorn. The square takes place between 3rd and 5th houses. Certainly it's time for a "new face" but what else will happen?

Relative to the upcoming Saturn square Pluto transit ... I'm wondering about the stock market. Which way will it go?

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Executive and EQ Coach Susan Dunn said, "The stock market is the most emotional thing there is."

In 1982 at the beginning of the current world order (Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra) there was a 9 year high followed by a short but deep reccession.

Harvey Pitt was appointed SEC Chairman at crisis or turning point when Pluto in Sagittarius opposed Saturn in Gemini in 2001. This is the halffway point in any cycle like the Full Moon. I think Harvey would agree!!

Take a look at the more complete history and more charts of the New York Stock Exchange.

The North Node of the NY Stock Exchange is at 2 degrees Libra -- amazing. Just 1 degree away from Saturn's ingress into Libra. Its progressed Sun is conjunct transiting Pluto.

Here is the only complete and accurate listing of this cycle's dates on the internet. Most of the transits lasted 2 years:

1982 conjunct in Libra

1989 Saturn in Capricorn separating sextile Pluto in Scorpio

1993 Saturn in Aquarius separating square Pluto in Scorpio - Leavitt appointed

1997 Saturn in Aries trine Pluto in Sagittarius - let the good times roll

2002 Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius - enter Harvey Pitt

2007 Saturn in Leo trine Pluto in Sagittarius

2009 Saturn in Libra culminating square Pluto in Capricorn - only the Shadow knows at this poinnt but stay tuned as I will try to "call it" before Nov. 1

2013 Saturn in Scorpio culminating sextile Pluto in Capricorn

2020 conjunct in Capricorn

Arthur Leavitt was appointed SEC Charman in 1993 for a long dynamic term befitting a separating square; however all the later troubles incubated there! Leavitt's communicative "take it to the people" style fit the Aquarius aspect under which he took office.

Harvey Pitt's short, volatile term in office followed in 2001 just as Saturn faced off against Pluto. It was at a the turning point of this gigantic far reaching cycle. If this were a Verdi opera the music would be wratched up unbearably as Pitt walked onto the stage to sing a bass solo aria of incredibly ominous tension yet he is the hero not the villain! The whole term could be characterized as "crisis management" as it included 911 (days after taking office) and Enron and son of Enron and son of son of ... LOL ... and maybe even son of Wrath of Khan ... which is what Pitt does at is Kalorama Partners firm in DC and NY, crisis management. I espouse Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" theory -- if only we had eyes to see we'd notice that history always gives us the right person.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dates for Current Saturn/Pluto Cycle

1982 conjunct in Libra
1989 Saturn in Capricorn separating sextile Pluto in Scorpio
1993 Saturn in Aquarius separating square Pluto in Scorpio
1997 Saturn in Aries trine Pluto in Sagittarius
2002 Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius
2007 Saturn in Leo trine Pluto in Sagittarius
2009 Saturn in Libra culminating square Pluto in Capricorn
2013 Saturn in Scorpio culminating sextile Pluto in Capricorn
2020 conjunct in Capricorn

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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Saturn/Pluto Square Transit

November 15th, the two heaviest planets, Saturn and Pluto, meet to duke it out, resolving a quarrel which began to develop after they met back in 1982 and had some good times establishing a new world order.
This aspect will return January 31, 2010 and August 21, 2101.
There may or may not be repercussions in the world but I want you to look at YOUR world, your life, the sphere of events that are personal to you.
Here's what was happening in the world.

Falklands War
Canadian Independence
Spain joins NATO
Israel invades Lebanon, Lebanese Civil War, Israel return Sinai to Egypt
Fahd becomes King of Saudi Arabia upon the death of his brother Khalid
Prince William is born
Sun Myung Moon is busted
Mexico announces it is unable to pay its large foreign debt triggering a debt crisis throughout Latin America
Lebanese president assassinated
US Savings and Loan Industry deregulated
Dow Jones reaches a 9-year high
The Peoples Republic of China adopts its current constitution
Compact discs first introduced in Germany
Times “Man of the Year” is the computer
Freeware was first introduced
Times Beach, Missouri evacuated
A brief but severe recession begins in the US
King Sobhuza II of Swaziland died, at the time the longest reigning living monarch
Leonid Brezhnev dies in office
Michael Jackson introduced “Thriller”

So watch the news for these players : China, Lebanon, Canada and Spain, change of power in Russia and Saudi Arabia, another devaluation of the peso in Mexico??

Look for major news events around Prince William, possibly the death or abdication of his grandmother. There is tremendous pressure on his chart in the next year or so. To a lesser degrree we may see Jessica Biel and Kirten Dunst in the news. Michael Jackson has already been in the news. Expect a lot in the news about gurus, good and bad.

I encourage you to think how you can connect these dots because it will develop your intuitive muscle (therefore your spirituality) and it should also reveal some of the otherwise veiled connections between events that give you an inkling of the workings of the universe and meaning to events in your personal life. The world’s greatest economist, Adam Smith, called this “the Invisible Hand”.
So where were you in 1982?
In 1982 my whole world sure changed. My dad died in 1980 and my mother was pronounced terminal in 1982.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My FAvorite Poem

Sundays too my father got up early
And put his clothes on in the blueback cold,
then with cracked hands that ached from labor
in the weekday weather made banked fires blaze.
No one ever thanked him.
I'd wake and hear the cold splintering, breaking.
When the rooms were warm,
he'd call, and slowly I would rise and dress,
fearing the chronic angers of that house,
Speaking indifferently to him,
who had driven out the cold
and polished my good shoes as well.
What did I know, what did I know
of love's austere and lonely offices?
- Robert Hayden, Those Winter Sundays.

Saturn Return in Libra for Tennis World

The tennis world is in for a shakeup with World Ranked #1 Male Roger Federer, Anna Kournakova, Andy Roddick and World Ranked #1 Female Serena Williams all having their Saturn Returns in Libra.
[Photo of Serena from wiki.]

Roger Federer's Saturn Return

"[Roger] Federer has won 15 Grand Slam singles titles, more than any other male player. He is one of six male players to have captured the career Grand Slam. Federer has appeared in an unprecedented 21 career Grand Slam finals, and as of September 2009, has reached the semi-finals or better of the last 22 Grand Slam tournaments, a streak that spans over five years.[12] Federer also holds the record of reaching 10 consecutive Grand Slam finals and has appeared in 17 of the last 18." [wiki]

Roger Federer has Saturn at 6 degrees Libra and his Saturn Return changes have already begun. He has been losing matches for the first time. He has become the father of twins. What will happen next?

[Roger Federer's birth chart f rom]

And what will happen to you?. Were you born between September 22, 1980 and November 29, 1982 or Nvember 20, 1950 through November 22, 1953? Check my website for more infiormation.

Prince William's Saturn Return in Libra and BIrth Chart

Prince William has his Saturn at 15 degrees in Libra. His Sun and Moon are currently opposed by tr Pluto. Look for his name in headlines; a very stressful Saturn Return.
Here is Prince William's birth chart from
Look for my Saturn Return in Libra Series.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Daniel Day Lewis BIrth Chart

Does anyone know Daniel Day Lewis' Rising Sign or exact time of birth?

The Sympathetic "Other Woman" Suruvey

=: 55

name for married lover: Frank

make up a name for you: Kim

how did your relationship get started =: At work

how long did it last =: 9 years
how did it end =: His wife wanted to move to North Carolina to get a fresh start. So he moved with her and his two kids

would you do it again = : Never in a million years

never done this before =: It was his second time remarrying her. He did it to her the first time around and they divorced. I was the second time around woman

did he have any kids =: he has two kids 13 and 18 and he did say many times he was in the marriage for the kids. He had to think of his kids.

did you know his wife before or gret to know her?: I met his wife a few times here and there but never got to know her.
did you ever contact his wife = : I sent a letter to her three brothers telling them about the affair. I devasted the whole family. I was the wrong choice. I did it in anger. I did it because after he moved away he continued to contact me. Telling me he missed me loved me wanted to see me so badly. He requested naked pictures of me repeatedly. Then he continued to tell me bad things about his wife how she was treating him. I got so angry one day I couldn't take it anymore so I wrote the letter and sent a copy of his email requesting the pictures of me.

spend a lot of money on you =: No money nothing ever....

what did he promise you =: He promised he was leaving his wife many many times and that we would be together someday.

did you want to marry him or just have the affair =: I wanted to marry him and I did press him to leave North Carolina and come back to be with me.

are you still in contact with him = : I have tried to stop contact repeately I changed my numbers and then gave them back to him.. I am again trying. I have changed my cell phone and work phone has been changed but he still has my home phone. I have blocked his emails and chat and facebook.

did you have an abortion or a child =: no

did you date others =: yes

what advice would you give someone who is considering an affair? = : Please don't ever do it. It is so very painful sometimes you will want to die. There were days I was so depressed crying all day many times. He has no regard for you at all he will lie and lie and lie just to keep you and her. He wants you both. Run like the wind from a married man....

what advice would you give a wife whose husband was having an affair =: He is lying to her and will continue to lie just to be with the mistress. He is addicted just like a drug or alcohol. He will bounce her around she should think of leaving him or if he is willing go to counseling because there are things that are wrong in the marriage and the mistress is just the product of it all.
why do you tnink men have affairs =: He said she criticized everything he did. She was not affectionate. Everything had to be her way in the house he had no say in anything. I think I made him feel like he was unconditionally loved by me and I never criticized him or tried to change him.

did you ever feel guilty about what you were doing -: Not really I hated the wife. He told me such terrible things about her and the way she treated him I never felt guilty not one second.

where how often regularly =: In my office, at his house when his wife was not home, on breaks it was random

did you tel did you tell friends or relatives =: I told everyone. They were just concerned that I was not going to get hurt. They didn't want to see that

what did you learn =: Well, I learned that I am a good person and I deserve to #1 not #2 or #3 and I will settle for nothing less anymore. I went thru such pain, emotionally because I fell deeply in love with him. I still love him to this day. I am ready to move on tough. What amazes me is that he still trys to contact me even though his wife watches his every move and that he continues to stay in a bad marriage and that she continues to stay in a bad marriage knowing her husband has been unfaithful. What also amazes me is how a person could lie so much to everyone. I could write a book really what I have told you is just a dot on a pages and pages of this relationship

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boomers on MEdicare

If you're a Boomer going on Medicare in the next few years ... here's the man to thank!!
Lyndon Baines Johnson [photo from wiki]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Sympathetic "Other Woman" Survey

me for married lover: Edward

make up a name for you: Anne

how did your relationship get started =: He and I worked together, he started showing interest in my single life, caring about who I was spending time with, encouraging me not to settle and then started offering to help me fix things around my house so I would not have to hire someone, he called me and wished me happy weekend, made excuses to see me on jobs, then one day said he was spending so much time around me because he wanted to be around me and that he had settled in his less than 3 yr 2nd marraige and that he did not want me to settle. He expressed a struggle in how he could get out of the commitment he made with this 2nd wife and if he did divorce her how would I ever trust him?
how long did it last =: 2-1/2 yrs. A couple of times he left me and usually it was holidays and summers when family was around, but he always came back crying about how he did not want to lose me, he only saw his future with me, he did not see himself staying with wife forever,and he was trying to get it all figured out in his head how to justify divorce.

how did it end =: He finally went to talk to a pastor to explain his feelings for me and how he saw his future with me and how he had never loved or desired another the way he did with me and the pastor told him what he was doing was wrong and that his future was not with me,but with his wife. He told me he could not justify divorcing her no matter how much he wanted me and us and that it would haunt him forever if he walked out on her. He said that she may have his name but I have his heart and he said I knew the truth and he was only doing what he felt led by God to do,which was stay married and stay in the life he signed up for no matter how selfish his feelings were that he wanted to be with me.
would you do it again = : No
never done this before =: No he had never done this. I believe him.
did he have any kids =: He had custody of two kids from previous marriage. He said his struggle was how to role model making a commitment to a wife in front of God and then in less than 3 years, saying it is ok to change your mind. He said he wanted to leave a legacy to his sons of how to always do the right thing.
did you know his wife before or gret to know her?: No I did not know her. I met her once but would not have recognized her in a crowd.
did you ever contact his wife = : I wrote her a long email and told her all the truth. She was shocked. She had suspected previously and found some emails he wrote to me. But he told her he would stay away from me and honor his commitment to their marriage. But he came back to me after 2 months and said he could not live that life or he would die. Then she found out he came back to me and she came over to my house while we were there. He would not let me answer the door. He never has been back in 5 months. He obviously told her again he would never see me again.
spend a lot of money on you =: yes, he was always buying me gifts, jewelry, etc.
what did he promise you =: He promised me a life, a future, we had a money market account, we started a LLC company together, we had house plans, he promised me he would marry me. He actually committed his life to me forever 3 years ago.
did you want to marry him or just have the affair =: I wanted to marry him. I waited till his youngest son went off to college and I told him it was time, and he could/would not do it.
are you still in contact with him = : No
did you have an abortion or a child =: no
did you date others =: I tried to see other men to get over him hurting me when he would disappear but I never could get involved because of my commitment to him
what advice would you give someone who is considering an affair? = : Don't do it, don't fall for anything they have to say. Tell them if they want you, you have to be number 1, they have to get a divorce.
what advice would you give a wife whose husband was having an affair =: Don't be an idiot. If you think he is not into you, then he probably is getting his needs met elsewhere. I would hire a service to follow him and tape his cell phone records, etc.
why do you tnink men have affairs =: I believe when you are married to the wrong person, someone you are not bound to in an intimate manner, the marriage is lacking. He and his wife (according to him) lacked intimacy. He said they were more like friends and room mates.
did you ever feel guilty about what you were doing -: Yes, I hated it. I encouraged him to make it right as soon as possible so we could stop being deceitful.
where how often regularly =: My house. He called me every single morning, ran to me, we spent most days together, lunch, afternoons at my house, traveled on vacations, he texted me goodnight each and every night.
did you tel did you tell friends or relatives =: Everyone in my life knew about this. They all believed he was a man who was going to do what he said.
what did you learn =: I learned that a person who seemed so sincere, so tender hearted, so true and committed to me,can just walk away like I was NOTHING. I have never been so hurt in my entire life.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Sympathetic "Other Woman" Survey

name for married lover: Romeo

make up a name for you: Juliet

how did your relationship get started =: I am a veterinary technician, he was the doc and owner of the practice. I was married for 12 years and my husband was abusive. Not that this is any excuse. I was going through an emotional struggle. I had tried to leave 2 other times and stayed bc he promised to change. He just continued to be the same. I was hurting and hated going home bc I knew it was tense. I loved my job. We had recently moved to this new town to get a new start, so I left my job of 10 yrs and started working for Romeo. Things just went back to the way they were and I knew no one out here in the country. I became really good friends withthe girls at work and really began to respect the doc. When I first interviewed w/ him I thought he was very strange. Months later we became close, joking with one another, talking over surgery and he taught me a lot of things about the business and in depth things about surgery and so on. Although I have been in the field for 10 years, I didn't work much with the surgeries. Needless to say, we all began going out on thurs nights for an hour or so. The doc bought us all a round of drinks and we would chat, play pool and just relax. It was nice to get away.

Romeo had a lot of respect for me, I brought a lot of ideas to his business from the large practice I worked at before, and helped out with client services and how to educate clients better to get them to use all of his services. We just made a good team, and became best friends over time and one night it happened. We both had made flirtation jokes, but I had a few drinks and spilled my guts a little that if he wasn't married...and then he kissed me. The next working day was weird bc we were not sure what the other was going to say. It just went on from there. It was exciting and I enjoyed being appreciated.

Over time, I fell deeply in love with him more and more as days went on. As far as his wife goes, the truth is I could never stand the way she acted towards him. There were times she would come in their with his best friend and they would come up front together (the friend)and were all over each other. She didn't talk to her husband very respectful either. I jsut felt like we shared this together, the lack of appreciation and disrespect from our spouses. I am a very sensitive person, and I am very compassionate. I am not a mean person, I swear! I have times where I feel so bad about this, and then other times I feel bad for him. I do understand why this happend. We were both emotionally unhappy in our marriages.

Needless to say, we were caught by my husband. I had already told him I wanted a divorce, he moved out. One day he left work early and came back to the house and we were "together". It was humiliating, embarassing, scary and regretful. It has been almost 2 years now, and we are still together. My divorce has been final for a while, but his is still going on. She is dragging it out and has pulled some nasty tricks on him. They both have businesses, so there is a lot to settl!
e. They went through counseling and were going to try to work it out, I lost my job of course. I have been supportive of whatever he needs to do. I do not like being the cause of the divorce. I just want him to be happy, even if that means with her. I do truly believe he loves me, and I do not think he wants to be with her. She uses scare tactics and guilt and belittling him to do the right thing and not divorce. I do understand I really have no right to get mad bc I did this to myself. I have broken it off with him and told him he needs to decide what he really wants and I should not be in the way if he loves her. He just comes back pleading his love for me and he wants to be with me, he just hates hurting her and needs to be easy with her. They do not live together and haven't for over a year. He still jumps through hoops to please her if she makes a request, even if it means me sitting at home alone. I suppose this is what I get. I didn't do this to be malicious. I truly love this man and would do anything for him. When we are together, it is just wonderful. It isn't forced, it is just natural for us. We enjoy each others company. We can not say anything and just sit and hold hands and it just feels right no matter what we are doing. I have to say, I am having my doubts now about the relationship. I am getting impatient and feeling guilty that the divorce is still not final. I am wondering if maybe his feelings are stronger than he realized and he just doesn't know which way to go.

He is 25 yrs older than me and this bothers him. I get a lot of flack for it from others, so does he. Mainly our ex's. She tells him he is an old man and looks silly walking around with me. Anyway, I would do anything for him. Including walking away peacefully if he wants to work things out with his wife. It will hurt, but I would not want to be the choice he regrets. Honestly, I feel bad for the situation bc it has hurt so many people. Including myself. This has been one of the most painful experieces of my life. However, I do not regret my own divorce, it should have happened a long time ago. I just want peace in my life. I am so torm on whether to walk or hold on. He tells me he is going through with this divorce and he can't live without me. He has tried and everytime he tries to, he realizes how much he loves me. I sometimes feel foolish like it is never going to happen. As you can tell, I am very hurt and confused and do not know what to do. I do not want to lose his love, at the same time I do not want to be taken for granted.

would you do it again = : If this does not work out, I assure you I will never cross that line again. I would not even date a man who is going through divorce, ever!

never done this before =: No, he had stepped out of the marriage once before. He was upfront about this.

did he have any kids =: His kids are older and out of the house.It would not have mattered.
did you know his wife before or gret to know her?: I knew his wife from coming into the office, and she went out with us all one evening. She was very snobby from day 1, and thought of us employees as just nobody's. She was very short with all of us as if we were stupid.

did you ever contact his wife = : I would never contact her. It is not my place.

spend a lot of money on you =: I am just a simple girl. I am not into expensive things. He takes me to dinner and he has bought me things, but I really just enjoy his time!

what did he promise you =: Things would be ok.
did you want to marry him or just have the affair =: I would love to marry him. I do not think he is a bad guy, and I do not think he is a player. I think he is a respectable man that is tired of being worn down and degrated. Nothing he does is evern good enough for her. I do not hear this from him, I have seen it with her in the office and the majority of the town has said she has always done him this way. They say he shoud have left her a long time ago. He still defends her and says she can't help it, or it isn't as bad as what people say. He takes responsibility for his onw short comings too. This is one of the reasons I love him. He is a good man and tries to see the best in people. He is not judgemental and takes responsibility for his own doings. He is a good man.

are you still in contact with him = : yes

did you have an abortion or a child =: no

did you date others =: I have went on a few dates when he went back to his wife. I realized quickly, it was pointless and you can't date when you are in love with someone else. It isn't fair to the other person either.

what advice would you give someone who is considering an affair? = : Don't do it! If the marriage is really over, they will get out anyway. Then if you are available at the same time, you can date. Affairs are painful for all involved. Not just the obvious, but your children, your extended family and your friends. No one likes to see peole they love in pain. Everyone makes mistakes, and once you cross that line the feelings get deeper and it is messy. The guilt alone is heartbreaking and very depressing. Even if your partners significant other doesn't seem to love them, they still built that life together and you assisted in tearing it down.

what advice would you give a wife whose husband was having an affair =: I would feel like a hypocrite, but I would want to know how long. There is a difference in having a sexual affair and someone he is actually in love with. I would not want to be married to a man in love with someone else and one I could not trust. However, I would ask this same person if they have ever crossed the line, or even thought about it. I think you have to look deep into the marriage and ask why. Are you married just for the sake of not losing money, a house and there is no emotional bond? I think if deep down you are not really happy, you shouldn't stay. You are cheating them and yourself, and your kids. If all you do is fight, or even have no communication, what kind of example are you setting of a "loving healthy relationship".
why do you tnink men have affairs =: I think there are different situations. He was missing appreciation, sincerity, passion and communication.
did you ever feel guilty about what you were doing -: Yes
where how often regularly =: In the office, his house, my house, the park, lunches.
did you tel did you tell friends or relatives =: My closest friend, I worked with her. She figured it out. She said she did not condone it, but she understood. She said it was obvious there were fellings between us.

what did you learn =: I have learned a lot. I can truly say I have learned a lot about love, myself and lines that should not be crossed. I can say before this man, I am not sure I have ever really been in love. The things I have been willing to sacrifice for him, the pain involved, the time I have put into this without knowing the outcome, it is like I am dieing inside between my love for him, my guilt for the situation, the things I have lost and the situation I have put myself in. I have 4 children who I love dearly and I do not like the example I have set and the situation they have experienced. He will always be my hero for making me see I did not deserve the abuse,and giving me the confidence to leave. My kids are happier children now that they do not have to live that life. However, I am not happy with the other things he has done. Stringing me along sometimes, my life is in limbo. Although I would never do this again, I do not regret our time together. I felt love for the first time. I know he loves me and has treated me better than any man ever has. The stringing along is just him being unable to decide what to do between his love for me and his responsibility to the promise he made so many years ago. I am not naive, I see the pain he is going through and he would be giving up a lot. If he were able to just up and leave for someone else without giving it any thought, I would be scared.

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

Comment on my article by a reader:

This is terrific and highly informative article. But I can not be naive to believe that the Fundamentalists will subscribe to ideas presented here. As Thomas Aquinas once said "for those who believe no proof is necessary; for those who don't believe no proof is possible." Yet it amazes me how much these "fundamentalists" don't know their own Bible at all and can only reference the Bible when trying to discredit the idea that the Bible is not a literal history.
Have you ever heard of the Zeitgeist Movement. It is headed up by a man named Peter Joseph who has made two very provocative movies on the fraudulence of religion, the monetary system and the world's governments. The movement itself is actually the activist arm of the Venus Project. The VP is a proposal of a money-free world where decisions are arrived at rather than voted on and manipulated through the priority of profit. The VP is gaining more and more popularity as this recession continues--especially in Europe. You can watch both films(Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum)online at for free. This proposal makes no claim to be Utopian, but does address the true underlying causes of societal problems of today and offers true and unbiased solutions for those problems. I hope you will find these movies and discuss them with your students...because of the favor of Capitalism in the US, there seems to be very little awareness and support for it in this hemisphere.