Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What about the Stock Market November 17th?

Incredibly, the North Node of the New York Stock Exchange is only 1 degree from Saturn's ingress into Libra and its progressed Sun is right at Pluto's position in Capricorn. The square takes place between 3rd and 5th houses. Certainly it's time for a "new face" but what else will happen?

Relative to the upcoming Saturn square Pluto transit ... I'm wondering about the stock market. Which way will it go?

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Executive and EQ Coach Susan Dunn said, "The stock market is the most emotional thing there is."

In 1982 at the beginning of the current world order (Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra) there was a 9 year high followed by a short but deep reccession.

Harvey Pitt was appointed SEC Chairman at crisis or turning point when Pluto in Sagittarius opposed Saturn in Gemini in 2001. This is the halffway point in any cycle like the Full Moon. I think Harvey would agree!!

Take a look at the more complete history and more charts of the New York Stock Exchange.

The North Node of the NY Stock Exchange is at 2 degrees Libra -- amazing. Just 1 degree away from Saturn's ingress into Libra. Its progressed Sun is conjunct transiting Pluto.

Here is the only complete and accurate listing of this cycle's dates on the internet. Most of the transits lasted 2 years:

1982 conjunct in Libra

1989 Saturn in Capricorn separating sextile Pluto in Scorpio

1993 Saturn in Aquarius separating square Pluto in Scorpio - Leavitt appointed

1997 Saturn in Aries trine Pluto in Sagittarius - let the good times roll

2002 Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius - enter Harvey Pitt

2007 Saturn in Leo trine Pluto in Sagittarius

2009 Saturn in Libra culminating square Pluto in Capricorn - only the Shadow knows at this poinnt but stay tuned as I will try to "call it" before Nov. 1

2013 Saturn in Scorpio culminating sextile Pluto in Capricorn

2020 conjunct in Capricorn

Arthur Leavitt was appointed SEC Charman in 1993 for a long dynamic term befitting a separating square; however all the later troubles incubated there! Leavitt's communicative "take it to the people" style fit the Aquarius aspect under which he took office.

Harvey Pitt's short, volatile term in office followed in 2001 just as Saturn faced off against Pluto. It was at a the turning point of this gigantic far reaching cycle. If this were a Verdi opera the music would be wratched up unbearably as Pitt walked onto the stage to sing a bass solo aria of incredibly ominous tension yet he is the hero not the villain! The whole term could be characterized as "crisis management" as it included 911 (days after taking office) and Enron and son of Enron and son of son of ... LOL ... and maybe even son of Wrath of Khan ... which is what Pitt does at is Kalorama Partners firm in DC and NY, crisis management. I espouse Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" theory -- if only we had eyes to see we'd notice that history always gives us the right person.

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