Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Uranus Moves through the Heavens with Mars

How did Uranus affect you these last few days?

  • I feel like that and it’s driving me crazy.

  • Boy -- ain't that the truth! Sudden fight with xxx, and xxx over the last three or four days, came out of no where. Two nights of fitful sleep, one horror story night. But I'm out of it and feeling better at least right now. Thanks Nancy. I love it that you give me these tips. It keeps me feeling in touch with the natural world, astrology, and with you!

  • re: Uranus--I've had to take a little melatonin for a couple of nights or I would have been wide awake all night--the energy is awesome.

  • Thanks for sending this! I was up all night last night, despite having just taken a yoga class. Couldn't figure out what it was!

  • Exactly! My sleep has been all out of whack over the last few days!! Mars is square Uranus in my natal chart and I have a Moon/Uranus conjunction. I'm a pretty chronic insomniac to start with, but lately my sleep has been disturbed in the most obnoxious way, I'm going to sleep and waking up like 10-15 times a night!

  • OMG, that would explain yesterday, I did 1/2 way sleep (a little cabernet) but strung out, nerves felt like I had 100 cups of coffee in me, really. Very hard to concentrate on work, get anything done, etc. If I take tea party time can I do it again with Slash and Ozzy?

  • Hi Nancy - My name is xxx and, of course, I am on your list. How the hell long has Uranus being doing this. I have been dizzy for about 10 days to two weeks and am blaming it on my TMJ. I even went to the doc & I have no ear infection????Thanks

  • [and, quite sadley] Xxx had a stroke early this morning.

  • Wow! I didn't expect this many people to feel the same way. When I saw your original email and saw the word "dizzy" it explained everything to me! I NEVER get dizzy. Since past Friday up til Sun/Mon I was feeling dizzy and didn't know why. And then yesterday I was SO irritable and gave my boyfriend a hard time over a petty thing for no reason. I couldn't control myself! Up until tonight I have just been feeling out of it, a little delusional, and uncomfortable. That's not normal for me. I have also been waking up almost every hour. My Mars is an out of sign square to my Uranus (sign-wise they should be trine) and my Uranus is in my first house, so that might explain why it affected me so personally!

  • Are you kidding??! That explains it! I swear - I never get dizzy but since last Saturday I've had these weird dizzy spells where I thought I was going to fall down or pass out. It was so confusing...and I've been so tired. I initially thought it was blood sugar or dehydration but those reasons made no sense. Couldn't figure it drinking , smoking, strange food, lack of food etc. It was so out of the ordinary for me. Late Sunday I finally concluded it must be some weird energy shift in the world.

  • So glad you sent this email. What is the deal with Uranus and this energy? What does it represent?Wow. All three of us in our house are feeling this. xXX has been having nightmares and can't sleep at night, for the past week xXX has been tossing and turning and I've been dizzy, exhausted, and feeling very irritable. I'm looking forward to hearingmore about Uranus and getting through this challenging time.

  • thanks Nancy, yes I too have woken up in the night for no reason, felt very edgy, unable to settle down to any job, felt weepy and have been a bit clumsy. I feel like throwing everything away and running off somewhere else ! J, Uk

  • My great grand daughter was born in the early morning hours at 2:25 April 19th right here in San Diego. The problem was very severe, she arrived with a gram positive staph infection of the lungs. She is still in neonatal care, but is doing better. Her brain activity has been deemed normal and she is responding to treatment. Apparently this happens more often than we realize and they say every hour they remain alive with something like this the better chance they have of living a normal and happy life. I certainly hope so.
    I am going to try the Chamomile Tea anyway.

  • I appreciate the heads up. I could have gotten in to a nasty fight last night with my partner, but just walked away, knowing that it was probably just uranus acting up.

  • Thank you for this note -- it certainly matches my current experiences. Sleep has been very disordered these several weeks -- and last night was really remarkable -- completely unable to sleep until after 3:30 in the morning -- during the wakefulness, I did self-blessings and protectings, and finally just relaxed into "what is, is what is" and surrendered to the energy -- it was a full body buzz, and I inner eye saw clouds of beautiful magenta color and lime green color around my body -- I realized it was a most remarkable gift and blessing, a renewal and cleansing of energy. I had one hour's sleep, and I feel wonderful today. I am so grateful for the energies of the solar system, God's great clockwork of energies designed to bring about the enlightenment of all beings and the ascension of the planet.

  • I'm Xxx who runs the astrology class in England. On Tuesday we had our best group meeting yet which was interesting for Mars/Uranus I thought! I was so full of energy afterwards that I couldn't wind down and had a sleepless night! Thanks for your brilliant messages.

  • Hi Nancy, I had a different experience. I was walking around during two day with a kind of being in space, seeing and hearing the sound of a big planet above me. After you've been sending the planet picture, I am not sure that it has been uranus. My vision was that of a bigger planet..

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