Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why Astrology?

This is from a reader:

What can I say about astrology, astrology has help me tremendously, It has at times been a teacher and a comforter to me on my dreary days and there have been many dreary days.I have always been a seeker of truth who questions everything is existence, and never fully accept anything without wanting to find answers on my own. I have always felt different from others and at times questioned why I did not fit in with others, and astrology have given me the answers to these questions.

Astrology has embraced me when no one else has. Astrology has been honest and straightforward, no matter what the occasion. Astrology has provided me with comfort in knowing I am not alone in my quest for answers to life questions. This is why I love astrology.

I am interested in all forms of astrology, spirituality, psychology, healing and motivation.
Astrology has allowed me to accept who I am and embraced my fate no matter what it would be, because we are all here to learn on this earth plane and nothing else, without astrology I would not be strong enough to embrace my fate on a daily basis.

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