Monday, August 25, 2008

Show Us Your Key Ring

The sad little frayed beaded "dolls" were given to me by a older Japanese lady in this wonderful store called "Things Japanese" on Harbord in Toronto...unfortunately they keep losing certainly made it easy to find my keys in my purse, though.

Of course, there is a something "jazzy" on it...a keychain from "Jazz Services" from the UK...they had a booth at the IAJE (International Association for Jazz Education) conference here in January..alas the IAJE is no more...bankrupt...everyone is very sad to hear it since it is the most amazing jazz gathering event of the year! I was tickled that they had something called "Jazz Services" in Britain to begin with...and my friend Ailsa had a number of friends from her time in Scotland here visiting...

The number 1 is from Susan and a great reminder of who is number one and reminding me to be confident.

The rest of the keys are part of condo living, large key for front entrance, entrance to my condo, mailbox key....and this year....key to the gate of my community garden.

The tag is for the War Amps of Canada which provides this tags with your name and address for a contribution. The organization was initially started to help veterans disabled from the Second World War and has expanded to children who have been injured in accidents.

The great service they provide is...if you ever lose your keys and someone finds them...they can drop them into the nearest mailbox and they will be returned to you!!

Last but not least, an angel...a token from an organization called Covenant House which provides refuge and resources for troubled teens.

It's comforting to look at it and know the angels are always with me.....

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