Monday, August 25, 2008

Lost in Others?

Question: As a sensitive, how can you take on another's perspective without becoming lost in it? That's the one issue I run into again and again with reading people's charts... I'll want to adopt their perspective and to a certain extent I will, but I always run into a fear of becoming too deeply drawn into their world view. Does that sound strange?

Answer: Not strange at all! It is a perfectly appropriate goal for that kind of reader. The true Uranians can’t do that but if you can, for heaven’s sake get completely lost in them for their two hours and walk their path – what fabulous service you can give them to see the world through their eyes, to feel exactly what they are feeling and then put it in perspective

– And then return home.

It’s that simple. Connect. Disconnect. Engage. Disengage. You may lack sufficient sense of self without doing some personal work. It’s proper spiritual training as well and it is the shamanic type of energy that can be used to great advantage, a type of participation mystique.

I begin this kind of connection with someone from the first time they hear or read my name. Some find it to my door. Some don’t. But the connection is there and the shamanic power begins some kind of transformation. I trained and disciplined for years to create this in a safe atmosphere.

You lack confidence and experience that you can throw the switch and be right back home. That’s a skill that can be learned from an experienced psychic or reader but best in person. Loook around your area. It is also going to benefit you psychologically and in your personal life and relationships.

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