Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Cat Whisperer - A Perfect Introvert Moment

Yesterday(08.18.08), I went to visit a friend and his spouse (he will be attending an Eastern Rites seminary to become a priest): A mutual friend was also their houseguest (he was in town and stayed with them while he did gigs).

Anyway, I was on the computer when Precious, a stray cat that has become their companion animal) jumped onto the table holding the monitor.

She then walked onto me (claws fortunately retracted) and proceded to walk up my torso and 'calm' herself.

I then placed my hands on her legs and hindquartes to balance her and I also began to slow my breathing and control my breath.

It has been known for a long time that our four-footed and winged friends are usually more 'in-tune' with our 'inner energies' than are we.

Once I had stabilized both Precious and myself, we both went into, essentially, a 90-mimute long meditation session; I stroked her carefully and slowly. Precious rubbed her head against my neck and I did the same.

The mutual friend, more extroverted than the three of us, borrowed a cell phone, stepped outside and completed his call.

For the next 90 mimutes, the four of us had complete silence (except for the piano occasionally being played and the shuffling of papers). I could hear the cat contentedly purring and her breathing matched mine.

Precious then, after several subtle shiftings, indicated that she had enjoyed the session and wished to let me get back to the computer:)

Precious then walked around for a bit and returned to the computer table. She then 'curled up' and went to sleep. I worked on the computer for another 20 minutes and she was still sleeping(in the same position).

I guess I am now a 'cat whisperer':)

It has oftern been said that if one is truly 'in touch', others will quikly see it:)

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