Saturday, August 9, 2008

Man on Wire

Philippe Petite walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers in August 1974 with the most serene look on his face.

First of all, people with Sun/Pluto are different. You can't imagine how different. I have an article on my site called The Pluto Club [ ] but of all Pluto contacts, this Pluto contact makes a person crave the near death experience because of the ecstatic "risen" feeling that follows. Petite was charismatic enough to draw friends into his plans against their own better judgment. He followed the experience by having sex with a stranger

If life is about really living -- or as Carlos Castaneda used to say -- living isn't living unless the Angel of Death sits on one shoulder -- Petite gets an A for effort.

H thought he had to be an Aries but instead he is a grandstanding Leo. Mick Jagger also has Sun/Pluto in Leo.

His phenomenal powers of concentration are mentioned in the film we just saw, "Man on Wire". This is excellent use of Saturn conjunct Mercury in Virgo. Many phenomenal athletes have Virgo somewhere prominent. We don't know what the houses are since the birth time isn't given.

Petite is currently going through his second Saturn Return.

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