Saturday, August 23, 2008

LOOOOOVE to Go Hiking

I loooooove to go hiking and vastly refer inland low desert versus walking on the beach.

This is the trail nearest me and very typical of Southern Californian terrain. I love to be beckkoned by a dirt trail!!! I can never resist.
This is the entrance to the huge park. California has done such an outstanding job preserving open space. Everyone and their dog can enjoy walking out here.

This kind of thing makes my heart race faster. Where does this trail lead? I didn't know but I took it.
A less traveled side trail beckons me farther. This is late summer flora.

My favorite places are the little rare groves of trees. The shade is so welcome. I must have been an Arab in another lifetime.

This trail ended at the old mission's dam.

I dedicate this page to Odie who taught me to love hiking and went hundreds of times with me, my golden cocker spaniel.


Susan Dunn Dating Coach said...

Wow. That sure looks like fun. You must be in super shape!

Queen of Wands said...

better every day!!