Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Show Us Your Keyring!

Hey Nancy:

Attached is the photo of my key ring.

I love my Los Angeles California heart - it is my home - it is fabulous and while I am exiled to Dallas I look at it everyday and there is hope to live somewhere beautiful and energetic again. Los Angeles - where dreams are made and broken but always my home and birthplace. And yes, it is worth every dollar to live in California - I can truly speak on that.

I have my Trader Vic's surfboard because it is home - sun, beach, fun and surf and I love anything tiki and fun (food and liquor). It reminds me of summer and I am a summer person.

I have a little string with a mini sheltie dog (my dog Skotty) and dog charms to remind me that he adores and loves me unconditionally no matter what. I go out to get the mail and he acts like he has not seen me in years. He is 23 pounds and looks like a little fox and is just wonderful. Everyone loves him because he does not bark and approaches all people and dogs alike, regardless of size - he just assumes everyone is friendly and happy to see him. He loves women - not so much the men. No questions, no demands, no judgment just adorement from my furry friend.

I have my Planet Tan key card because I like the character on it and I tan (tan fat looks better than white fat) and my L.A. Fitness card. My keys go to my house, my closet, my office and unfortunately I do not know what the others are for. I have the gate opener to my current place of residence.
That is my crazy noisy key ring!

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