Friday, August 15, 2008

China's Two Charts

Caught cheating again with a little girl singer and some faked fireworks! They just don't get how much this irks the west and we just don't get how Chinese it reallly is.

Whichever chart you choose for China, it is experiencing its second Saturn Return along with the Boomers. [[India, Pakistan and Israel have just finished theirs.]

As I've been predicting for months, Russia and China -- especially Mongolia -- will replace the Middle East as our focus for the next 15 years.

Did I really hear Madeleine Albright in a pbs interview say when she looked in Putin's eye she saw [nothing but] a KGB agent? Even Sylvia Browne couldn't get away with that one!!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I love your sense of humor and yes you are right, I believe.
Only Mrs. Albright could be quoted for such a comment.
I would be interested to see what sort of symbol you would choose for China's chart.
Perhaps they ( China) believe slight of hand is fair in showmanship? I guess the real question is what do they believe is fair in Love and War. Penny

Anonymous said...


In your posting on your blog, you said that China, like the baby boomers was experiencing its first Saturn return. Don't you mean the second? If not, then I'm feeling very old for my age today.