Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Feedback Free Mini Saturn Return Reading

From S, a site visitor ...

"Hi thank you for my free mini Saturn return reading. my Saturn in cancer in 8Th house. It was the best reading i ever had it is so real and true as if you was an angel that was with me every day, this is powerful and you do deserved a donation and i believe you are helping so many people that you have really no idea.

"This that you have done will bring you lots of spiritual credit such as money when you need it, this was one of your purpose in life. You have stop many people from killing and hurting themselves, it's like you are a flower lady who leaves flowers as you walk and create a path for others who may not have knew the way.

"Currently i am 33, my birthday 10-29-1974 and working on a book, trying to earn my money from psychic readings. I have had plenty of other peoples money in my hands and many great businesses that fall and many hardships in childhood. and currently i live off of my spiritual credit but even when times was hard, i always had my best time in them after my childhood. Childhood was the worse. Thanks tell me how i can give you back something.

"my name is S[xxx]"

This feedback makes me feel so good. It is wonderful to do what I do and make a difference in the world. It is the result of an astrology reading I got when I was going through my first Satrn Return (29 years old). Then I knew I could be what I wanted to be, a healer.

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