Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chinese Olympics

We watched every minute of the Olympic opening. China being so crowded certainly has its people trained to work together as one. Esepcially the martial arts section where they formed a perfect circle on the RUN reminded me of the Pisces Virgo axis --- how a school of fish can act as one organic whole, as a creature itself.

I think a new art form was born.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the Olympic opening ceremony, and it was indeed very impressive how so many people could work perfectly as one unit. That is something that probably couldn't have been accomplished in this country, because the entirety of the history of China, from Confucious to Chairman Mao, has been to extoll the group, or the nation at the expense of the individual, whereas in this country we have tended to put the individual ahead of the state. While this takes nothing away from the accomplishment, we should remember that freedom is the most precious commodity in the world, to be prized even above efficiency. Just ask the people of Tibet.