Friday, August 8, 2008

For Deep Emotional Healing from Trauma There is Only One Kathleen Rick

Kathleen A. Rick, BA, BMS, MA
Empowerment Unlimited ¨ Human Potential Counseling
3940 Hancock Street, Suite 201
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 523-4690 ¨

Counseling Purpose and Objectives

One of the main purposes of our sessions together is to help you improve the quality of your life. My intention is to provide a safe environment whereby you will be able to explore any negative issues and belief systems that are interfering with your ability to have an optimum quality of life, a sense of happiness, peace of mind, and a general experience of success in effectively dealing with your challenges.

Our time together should provide you genuine empowerment in reaching your goals and objectives in many areas of your life and assist you in making the necessary changes for achieving beneficial outcomes. We will work together to identify these goals and objectives, along with any issues or fears that may get in your way. You will be given the supportive space you need to talk about your issues and feelings without judgement from me, and I hope to teach you how not to judge yourself as well.

We will be co-creating these sessions together, and I believe you will feel progressively more capable and confident with each session. I will act as a guide or a coach to assist you in gaining clarity, insights, and strategies in solving and healing your problems and issues. It is also important to point out that you will probably notice a heightened sense of self-awareness and self-esteem as you progress in your therapy. We will employ various methods in this endeavor. You will be given productive feedback and tools that you will be able to use both within and outside your sessions.

One specific benefit of this therapy for you should, hopefully, be an experience of healthier relationships with yourself and others. We will explore what the impact of these changes and improvements might mean, and the possibilities for a better future.

My sincere intention is that, together, we find effective ways to help you take the action you need to produce improvements in many areas of your life resulting in significant positive affects in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Kathleen Rick, BMS, BA, MA, ACHt., IMFT has maintained a successful holistic counseling and consulting practice in San Diego since 1983 helping individuals, couples, and groups accomplish priceless life-changing results. She has a master’s degree in Psychology - Marriage, Family Therapy, is an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and uses traditional as well as state of the art complementary therapies in the practice of psychotherapy, holistic counseling, and life coaching.

Besides her EmoTrance licensed practitioner training, Kathleen studied and trained with the founders of EFT (Gary Craig), BSFF (Dr. Larry Nims), TAT (Tapas Fleming), ESM (Drs. George Pratt & Peter Lambrou), and Energy Medicine (Donna Eden and Dr. David Feinstein. She has facilitated and taught these meridian therapies to hundreds of people, including many teachers and therapists. She is also author of the award winning book, "A Guidebook to Energy Therapies for Counselors," which has been purchased and praised by doctors, psychotherapists, educators, coaches, and lay persons in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Kathleen has been called the "Instant Results Therapist," because she uses safe and accelerated techniques to often gain instant and permanent results, assisting others to achieve higher quality, healthier, and happier lives, as well as empowering relationships.

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