Friday, August 8, 2008

Learning about Leo and Capricorn

[Edward I, "Longshanks" who used the Trebuchet against Wales and Scotland ... also familiar from "Braveheart"]

Excerpt from David Patrick Columbia's "New York Social Diary" today...

...The Royals are at the center of British news all the time. It’s an ongoing family drama and everybody’s up for grabs at one time or another except for the Queen, and of course her late Mother. Princess Michael is a far different story. Far different even from her husband’s press which is almost neutral. The Royals, when you meet them in a social situation are very polite although perhaps reserved. It’s an odd existence, when you think about it, no matter how grand it might seem to us outsiders. They live in a veritable goldfish bowl no matter how high the walls they might build to hide behind. It is the nature of the modern monarchy."

In astrology this ROLE is straight Leo laced with Capricorn. Always, always "on". It has nothing to do with modern times. The king and queen have always been figureheads and icons for the collective. They are not supposed to stand out as individuals but as personifications.

Interesting name, Leonardo diCaprio.


Anonymous said...

ello Nancy,
I found the Leo & Capricorn article interesting because of a rather self centered coincidence. I was born into the King family with a Leo Father and a Capricorn Mother. I've heard it said there are no
coincidences. My point is, could it be that those three words are
attracted to each other? At least my life has not been much like living in a fish bowl :-) Although Leonardo's must be.
Penny B.

Queen of Wands said...

LEONARD and the Leonardo

Means "brave lion", derived from the Germanic elements leon "lion" and hard "brave, hardy". This name was brought to England by the Normans, though it did not become common there until the 19th century.

CAPRA means goat.