Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Voice of Experience

Your second Saturn Return Reading

I think one of the reasons my clients are so thrilled with their second Saturn Return readings is they hear the "voice of experience".

If you're between 58 and 60, you're also a Boomer. Please get your second Saturn Return reading from an astrologer over sixty who's successfully navigated those waters and who has 30 years of experience reading for others at all phases in their life including hundreds of second Saturn Return readings. I specialize in second Saturn Return readings and family astrology.

I can really tie this together for you and put a great big fat bow on the package! Suddenly your whole life will make sense and I'll show you how to move confidently forward knowing exactly what to reach for between 60 and 90. See what others have said, click here.

I would love to be YOUR astrologer. Click here to make contact.

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