Thursday, July 17, 2008

Understanding Saturn

What's my favorite planet? You guess it. Saturn. That's why I'm the Saturn Return expert.

Here's some great descrptions from an article by Robert Couteau on

Saturn portrays the cosmic "law of limitation," e.g., the limits imposed on the individual in the form of collectively agreed upon rules and socially accepted norms of behavior. It symbolizes the "just so"nature of reality: that water freezes at precisely thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit; that light travels at 299,792.5 kilome­ters per second; that argon has an atomic weight of 39.948. (It’s "just so.")

"These immutable natural laws govern our universe. Saturn rules the myste­rious process through which reality is "fixed" at such predetermined levels."

I'll say that's mysterious! I've seen many a Uranian stype butt their head up against this for an entire lifetime.

Her's a little more from Couteau ...

"When Saturn is hyperactive, it is experienced as a fearsome, claustrophobic sense of "harsh reality": a fear of being "orphaned"' in a "soulless" space and time (e.g., "separation anxiety").

When Saturn is hypoactive, it produces a sense of not "fitting in" to concrete reality: a lack of discipline; an inability to structure (especially the structured use of time and space); or a lack of "apprenticeship" in learning the “skills of daily living” (e.g., archetypally sym­bolized as an "absentee father"). "

Understanding Saturn is important. Saturn is the GateKeeper to sustained states of Higher Consciousness. Enjoy Liz Greene's exploration in Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil.

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