Thursday, July 17, 2008

Understanding the Dates of Your Saturn Return

From a browser:

Thank you Nancy for replying. I was born on May 21, 19xx at 10:00 pm in Elmhurst, IL. I currently reside in XX, CA. I have the three Saturn returns, November 19, 2008 (8th house), February 12, 2009 (10th house) and August 8, 2009 (4th house). If you could give me a mini reading, at least on the 8th house one, I would really appreciate it. I know the 8th house is powerful and I wonder how it is going to effect me. Please tell me anything you can on what to expect. I would really appreciate your insight.

This is the second email I got today referring to "three Saturn Returns". Here's the deal. It is customary for Saturn to spend about 6 months going over the same degree. It's very thorough, befitting Saturn's nature. Here's why. It hits the degree going forward then retrogrades (turns backwards from our perspective here on earth) and then goes direct again.

Example: Let's say I'm going from 1 to 4 degrees. 1 .... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... If I were Saturn and I were at 1 degree, I'd go to 2, then back to 1, then over 2 again on my way to 3 this time, then back to 2 again for one last time befoore heading on to 3 for the second time on the way to then 4.

Al the outer planets fo this. With Saturn there are a few exceptions where it makes one direct pass but that is rare. This is all considered part of the Saturn Return.

It can only take place in one house because natal Satrurn is at only one degree in one house.

Furthermore, the intense time period are the dates indicated but the effect of the Saturn Return lasts 30 years, until the next one.

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