Sunday, July 27, 2008

Second Saturn Return

Are you between 58 and 60 years old? More people get divorced or married at that time than any other past thirty.

The second Saturn Return brings wonderful changes or a tightening noose of unmet needs and unaddressed issues, in that case likely to result in illness or early death.

For best resuts, get aware and make sure you use the energy between 28 and 58 consciously. Then for you as for so many of my clieints, 60 can be the new 40.

My sister turned 58 this year. She has five kids. Two are graduating highschool, two married and one gave birth within this year. That's typical of the kind of sweeping changes to expect with the second Saturn Return. It also depends on the house your Saturn is in.

I specialize in second Saturn Returns because both my parents died at theirs and it got me intersted in prevention. Especially if your health has been bad, consider making some constructive changes no matter how hard and let me help you with your decisions!

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