Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Pleasures of Mentoring

From a great guy I mentored briefly ...

"No matter what I will never forget the 6 months or so you spent with me, you showed me a lot about astrology and more importantly about life, what can i say! Astrology is not magic but it's probably as close as we will ever come in this world. It can be really beautiful at times and heartbreaking at others (omg it's a movie on but you know astrology is a way of life for people like you and me...."

Mentoring is the beautiful new love after the second Saturn Return. When you're planning for retirement, do the money but also do the inner work so you have something worthwhile to share with others. Develop interests that are easier with age, such as golf, opera, classical music, history and gardening. Pick some things you can share with young people of all ages.

By the way, knowing astrology makes you "of interest" in almost any group.

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