Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dewberries and Saskatoons

My friend Mo is a fabulous vegan cook so I want to get all her good recipes. She passed along one for "blueberry or saskatoon" pie. I had never heard of saskatooons so here is what they look like, a close cousin to the blueberry. She said they taste like a floral blueberry and are just delicious.

It reminded me of a berry we used to get at my grandmother's house in Texas, the likes of which I have never found again. They are called dewberries and she made mouth watering dewberry cobblers in the summer.
Obviously they are a close cousin to the blackberry (and raspberry) but sooooo much sweeter!!!

Visit Mo's Jazz Goddess blog and catch the jazz scene in Canada.

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Moreen Murray said...

I'm blushing...thank you!