Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is Astrology Fate?

Is Astrology Fate?

Liz Greene: "Any understanding of the language of astrology must commence with a realisation of what the birth horoscope can and cannot tell us. ... the birth map does not plot the fate of the individual in a predestined way. Rather, it symbolises the basic lines of his character's potential development.

"A lot of people are frightened of astrology because they believe it claims to predict fate. Once upon a time, during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, it claimed to do precisely that. But astrology has evolved since then, just as medicine has. We in the West - unlike India - don't like to think that there's any factor shaping our lives except ourselves and the tax collector. ..."

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Moreen Murray said...

What is that amazing image/painting? It looks very pre-Raphaelite...

Nancy Fenn said...

It is Gustave Dore who did the very famous illustrations for Dante's Inferno.