Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Love Melissa's Blog

[As described by Philadelphia newscast]


She's 28, her husband is in his 50s. Yes, it's exactly what you think. He's got a lot of money, but New York socialite Melissa Morris has a wildly popular blog, but probably not for the reason you think.

The whole scenario seems pretty cliche. Melissa Morris was a personal trainer for her now very rich husband Chappy, yes, Chappy Morris. In her blog, the socialite talks about decorating her Upper East Side apartment and vacationing in the Hamptons and, of course, her Italian Greyhound, Monty. What's fascinating is the site has become wildly popular. The site gets 40,000 hits per month. But unlike most socialite websites, you won't find salacious gossip or compromising party photos. Instead Melissa focuses on the mundane and readers seem to love it. She also incorporates some self-deprecating humor and is very aware she is sort of a parody of the rich and preppy, after all she's married to a guy named Chappy.

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From an astrological perspective, Melissa is entering her first Saturn Return right now so we will see what unfolds.

Sample from blog: Melissa ("Mel") recently cued readers that her turquoise ball gown cost $420 from Bergdorf Godman.

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