Sunday, July 20, 2008

Age 28? Your Saturn Return is Here!

I stopped playing the piano when I was 28. I also had a kid, got a divorce and changed careers After all, it was my Saturn Return. But what a drastic thing for me to stop playing the piano.

Let me explain why. First of all, piano playing runs in my family. Everyone was nearly concert level. I BEGGED to start lessons at 6 years old and was a model student. I spent two hours a day or more at the piano for the rest of my life. it was entirely voluntary, I absolutely loved playing the piano. I loved Bach. I loved Chopin. I loved Rachmaninoff. I tried to play "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gerscwin and songs by Franz Liszt, virtuoso hands! I played duets with my sister and a clarinet player.

We eventually had two pianos in our house so everyone that wanted to could play.

Piano and sports got me, the infp introvert, through the hell that was high school.

I also stopped photography (back before digital), sewing and gourmet cooking, always intending to but never quite pickng them up again.

There can be drastic changes at the Saturn Return. Keith Ledger died at 28. Simon Cowell wound up BK back at home with his parents. Angelina Jolie met Brad Pitt during her Saturn Return.

What's going to happen to you? What did happen to you? Please comment if you're willing to share and please visit for more information.

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