Saturday, July 19, 2008

4th and 10th House = Cancer and Capricorn

It sems to me that people with lots of 4th and 10th house influences (Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn; one of those signs on the Midheaven and IC; lots of planets or Saturn in one of those houses) ... it seems to me that these people are working out gender issues at a very, very deep level.

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs that make up one polarity. They have to do with home/career, deep self/outer world, mother/father, emotional/financial security.

People with 4th and 10th house influence s often wind up being both mother and father either to their siblings, to their own parents or to their children (single parent families).

K was over here for a BBQ last month. He is about my age and raised three children all on his own, his wife having fled the scene early on. My friends say "K is one big breast". Now he is trying to raise grandchildren as well. He has made untold sacrifices to nurture his children, not getting as far in his career as he might. He is also very controlling as parental people (Cancer / Capricorn, 4th / 10th house) are. It's cardinal energy, after all.

Does this sound familar? Do you have these energies in yourchart. Please comment so we can all learn!

R has Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th house and has been head of her household since she was 17. She does an exceptional job of balancing both home and career fully, playing both parts very well mother and father, and succeeding well at both. Her child is out of the next now and she is concentrating on her career and financial security.

C comes from a wealthy family. She has her Nodes in the 4th and 10th house in Cancer and Capricorn. She has raised her child all on her own , works full time for her parents, upon which they insist, and is also working on a PhD. She is a very hands-on mother. She also remains a very active and present daughter to her parents socially who require her apperance at all formal and family functions.

What about you? Is this familiar?

This energy is especially important with Pluto entering Capricorn. The poster kids for this energy are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Suddenly families are important again in Hollywood, for the first time I can remember since Bing Crosby. Formerly it was more like when things broke down and they wound up smeared across the tabloids like poor Marlon Brando.

Stars are more often than not shown with their kids in tow now. We have Suri and Shiloh and Violet. (Do you have a secret favorite?) Not to mention Maddox, Pax and Sahara. And now Knox and Vivienne. Suddenly it is fashionable and Brad Pitt led the way. He went looking for a family. Both Angelina and Brad have strong Cancer and Capriciorn influences in their charts.

Angelina Jolie and Mia Farrow both have Saturn in Cancer and a deep need to take kids in!

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Elena said...

i never could put a finger on the feeling of maleness in me( i am a woman)
as something pre-ordained and integral to my personality ever since I was a kid. Until I read about my nodes (north node in Cancer in first house). It made so much sense. I felt like a male, but was clearly a female. This feeling made me question my sexual orientation, but I was clearly heterosexual! It was just that 'maleness" made me wonder.