Thursday, July 17, 2008

Free Mini Reading for Saturn Return Sample

A site reader requested a free mini Saturn Return reading ... My virtual assistant pulled her chart and I sent her this interpretation.

I wrote:

Dear K,

You wrote requesting a free mini reading. This is it.

Your Saturn is in Aries right on the Ascendant. This means you channel a lot of the collective (Jungian psychology) energy about men and the way they treat women. This may run in your own family as well. It makes you a real fighter though you may have fallen prey to domination, abuse or battering earlier in life. It is a lifetime issue to come to terms with what it means to be a man and how to identify a good, even, great man who is not brutal and aggressive. You may have been a doormat in a former life and given too much up in marriage. Hopefully you are not doing that now.

If you are in a bad marriage or not, the idea is to develop a strong sense of self and to put some attention on your own needs rather than everybody else’s. This needs to be done to get centered, not to retaliate.

All your planets are above the horizon and in the 6th house of service. This is a lifetime of giving back and a very public lifetime. You might make a great entrepreneur someday.

If you’d be interested in the full reading, please ask for more information. You can see what others have said here: .

Nancy R. Fenn

She replied:

Hello Nancy,

Thank you for the free reading. It was very accurate. You are a very valuable person with this gift.

I hope you are happy and doing well.

I would love to purchase a full reading in the future. I will contact you again when I have the available funds.

Thank you for your time!


Would you like a free mini Saturn Return reading? If you are between the ages of 28-30, 58-60, this is information you need to move forward consciously. Contact me via and put "free reading" in the subject line.

The cost of a Saturn Return reading is $325.

I accept credit cards through paypal, personal checks or money orders, cash and installments by arrangement.

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