Friday, July 25, 2008

Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww Siblings!!! And Christian Bale's Astrology Chart

Christian Bale, the "other" star of Dark Knight who plays Batman, has been detained for suspision of assaulting his mother (who is having her second Saturn Return) and 40 year old sister. It happened in a hotel room.

We don't have Bale's exact time of birth but here are the details available:
  • Sun in Aquarius 10°13'
  • Moon in Taurus 0°10'
  • Mercury in Aquarius 24°28'
  • Venus in Capricorn 29°39'R
  • Mars in Taurus 15°20'
  • Jupiter in Aquarius 21°11'
  • Saturn in Gemini 28°32'R
  • Uranus in Libra 27°46'S
  • Neptune in Sagittarius 9°10'
  • Pluto in Libra 6°40'R

Bale has Mars squaring Sun, Mercury and Jupiter natally, making him pugnacious especially toward his father and sister or because of rivalry with his father. But worst he has had Pluto transiting opposite his Saturn for the last year or so, "a whole new world order" resulting from a lot of pressure, as do all around his same age. Natally Saturn trines his Uranus so he may be pulled back into some family obligations (Venus retro in Cap). Apparently the altercation aas about money. For sure his relationship with his sister is the lifelong burr in his saddle.

I was right. I just read that she supposedly asked for $200,000 to help raise her children.

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