Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tween Now and November 2008

The Tarot Deck Emperor (Crowley Boook of Thoth)

Most of my clients are getting two cards in their spreads, the Emperor and the World. That makes sense because everyone's world is changing between now and November, setting the stage for transforomation in the next 16 years as Pluto travels through Capricorn.

The world changes and the emperor restores order and makes a new start.

There will be many endings to prepare for this: so many have had to put dogs down, parents passing on, divorce, but many are already beginning to see the signs of things to come that are new and wonderful.

I met a woman yesterday who was marrying for the first time at 60. She had led a wonderful life of adventure and freedom but it was time for a change.

A client who wrote today has joined her brother in inviting hospice care for their father but at the same time has been offered a dream job that allows her to live in the part of the country she loves best.

Three people have recently had to put down family pets.

There are two marriages and a birth in my immediate, very small family.

What's changing in your life?

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