Monday, September 8, 2008

When Leo and Virgo Mated They Produced the Egyptian Sphinx

The Egyptian Sphinx

I have read voraciously in this field for over 25 years and have studied all sorts of things. I have a photographic memory and a high speed of reading considering that I understand it all, too. I mean I don’t skip around and hit the high points. I have no idea some of the things I’ve read.

I also learned from the “ground up”. I now feel there was a reason I sat at fairs and in bookstores for years when I was building my practice and read for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of real people, many of whom have stayed with me for over 20 years now! I was really present at those readings, listening with my whole self. As I listened, watched their lives develop, heard their thoughts and feelings, saw how these things reflected later in their choices, in the things they manifested, “outworked” in their lives, also how their energies worked with their charts, I made all sorts of discoveries. Also they were very honest with me and very open. You possibly can’t imagine the things I know about real people. It certainly isn’t things they tell the Gallup poll.

In this field as in any field where human lives are concerned, there is NOTHING like experience!

At one time, I stumbled across a font of information that then disappeared. It was like drinking from a mountain stream and then going back to find it has disappeared. It is lovely to reminisce about this for this is where I found the information about the Egyptian Sphinx.

There were a group of writers around the turn of the century who were just sublime. The person who wrote "The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East", for example, Baird Spaulding, is like that. Also the person who wrote “Shangri-La”. They have a cerebral Neptunian vibration to me although at the time this book was written Neptune and Pluto were in Gemini (1894). Perhaps it felt that way to me, that they were speaking directly to me, because those planets are on my Uranus in the 7th house.

I am also connected with a group of disincarnate guides, very wise people, a group where I came from, that contact me every now and then. Much of my “information” comes from this source (inside myself from past lives) as well as from the healing angel Raphael. I have lived many lives, been many things, many times a healer.

There is some logical reason to do with the zodiac for the Sphinx image but I don’t remember. I just got instantly that it was true.

There is a LOGIC when those two energies are combined that is both regal and grounded. It is an ordering logic, as the esoterics would say, a foundational energy like the imaginary blue prints of the anonymous people who built the cathedrals in the Middle Ages.

The Greek Sphinx was an utterly nasty character, but the Egyptian Sphinx is different. I suppose, too, that the ES must compensate for the plodding nature of Egyptian society, which went on and on and on without changes for so long. There is a higher intelligence released and at work as the Nile continues it endless cycle of reliable flooding.

Not my favorite culture. It’s like intelligence has to escape and express somewhere, and it went into the Sphinxes. That is how I sometimes feel out in the world. Am I the only one with myeyes open? Don’t you feel that way? Makes me think of Walt Whitman.

The Greater Mystery. The eye in the pyramid on the dollar bills (and in Masonry) is the higher octave of this sphinx.

The Greek Sphinx is a nasty character, a version of the negative female such as Medusa or a harpy. She belongs with negative Scorpio/Gemini energy.

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