Friday, September 5, 2008

Pluto enters Capricorn

The best and most conscious use of Pluto now and until November is to erase your past and get your fears in perspective especially your fear of change which, if you think about it is always only your fear of death in disguise.

Yes, between now and November something’s going to die but it should be parts of your ego that are no longer necessary as defenses and situations you have completely outgrown.

It might be a good time to read The Pluto Club:

“God speaks only to the oldest souls, the ones most experienced in living and suffering. ‘You shall belong to no-one and to nothing, to no party, to no majority, to no minority, to no society except in that it serves me at my altar. You shall not belong to your parents, nor to your wife and children, nor to your brothers and sisters, nor to them who speak your language, nor to those who speak any other — and least of all to thine own self. You shall belong only to me in this world.”~Franz Werfel

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