Monday, September 1, 2008

Show Us Your Keyring!

This was a revealing activity.

First of all, I have 2 key chains. Originally the key chain on the right was intended to have those keys that I need daily or almost daily so I wouldn't have to carry around so many keys. These are keys to the house and my truck.

The key chain on the left was intended to keep keys used infrequently but still make them accessible as well as fast and easy to grab.

What I discovered is that there were two keys on the right key ring that I do not use any more. In fact, I could not tell you what they unlock. So I removed them. Clearly, my keys have not kept up with the changes in my life.

In fact, I am remembering how much I grab the second set of keys these days. I looked on that key ring and there are some keys that I use quite a bit such as keys to desk drawers, and my storage space. I moved those keys over to my daily key ring.

What does this key ring strategy say about me? I like focus and simplicity evidenced by the key ring on the right. But, I also have a need for back up and security for the key ring on the left. And if I have to go to back up, then I want to be able to have quick access.

The fact that I have so many keys that I don't know what they are indicates that life is ever changing and the universe is safer than I give it credit since I don't have to use them. It may also indicate that I don't have to hold on to things so closely.

The long multi-colored key ring on the right is hand made from various overlapping pieces of wood. I bought it at an Artisan's festival. It reminds me of the creative and artistic side of myself that I value so much. I want to incorporate that part of me in everything. I even took this picture on a decorative pot holder instead of a bare white table top. I had to laugh at myself.

The key ring that has Espana on it reminds me of my second trip to Europe. One of my stops was in Madrid. I just adored Madrid. It was so beautiful with its mixture of the old and the new. The tree lined streets with park walkways separating the traffic flows was such a wonderful way of walking down to the Centro district. In many ways, this was an enchanting city for me. I saw lovers everywhere. I saw them walking down the streets hand in hand all ages. I saw them exchanging affections in bars and restaurants quite passionately at times. That was so fun! Also, I saw teen agers laughing and cutting up on the way to their dance clubs full of life. It was a vibrant experience of love and life for me.The women I saw in Milan, one of my stops, were beautiful and I could see that many of them knew this. The women in Madrid were openly passionate which has more significance to me than physical beauty. They reached out touched their companions lovingly, expressed themselves with the inflection of passion in their voice. They did not seem in the least bit self conscious or afraid to bare their heart and soul. I was captivated by how freely they expressed themselves. My jaw was on the ground enraptured with the beauty of it actually.

The men amazed me in how stoic they were during these exchanges. It is the Spanish Machismo culture I am told. I do not think I would be a very good macho man in this sense. I remember telling my co-worker and friend Steve how I would be a puddle totally melted from that kind of attention and exchange. Whew! My body temperature goes up a couple of degrees just from the memory of it. Now, that is an outstanding key ring!I never wanted to forget those memories, so I bought the Espana key ring to remind me of these experiences and to remind myself to ever be the lover and not pull back from the expression of love and passion in my life.

Wonderful activity Nancy! Thank you so much!


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