Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I totally DIDN’T have time for this activity but wanted to share since you asked.

What you will find-

· Car Key- I like electronic! (aqua 3rd house maybe?)
· Petco Card- Save money on food for snoopy (puppy) and chuchi (cat!) Love my pets (very Taurus)
· Borders card (LOVE reading-Cancer moon-hot coco and a book-yum!)
· Progressive insurance (in case I need to call them from the road!)
· Lady of America gym card (I use this in “spurts”-a month where I just will hit the gym (Scorpio rising)- then Taurus sun/cancer moon forces me back to “I don’t wanna go to the gym!”
· 3 keys and I have NO idea what they are for…hmmm…that’s unlike me. Just got rid of 2-kept the house key (it fits)
p.s. lbrary cards, too!

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