Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finally, Little Square Food!!

Since I have Mars in Virgo square whacked out Uranus, I can be really into some weird little things like I always thought it would be so much more effiicient instead of ribs, burgers, steak, lasagne, all those choices, if we just put the proper vitamins and nutients into little squares and ate them with our fingers.
I am, I confess, a health nut, as most of you know.

Time to eat? Hungry? Reach for a little square food. It takes all the Cancerian emotion and Leonine fun out of eating and reduces it to simple Virgoan biochemistry. And it's not TOFU!!!!!!!!!

Well, True North heard my prayer. Here pictured is the "100% natural Almond Cluster".

It is square and really delicious.
It claims to be a good source of protein and fiber and comes in several varieties at the grocery.

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