Friday, September 5, 2008

Astrology Q&A

Question from astrology student: is it possible to cast a chart to see a probability for who will win the presidential election in November?

Answer: I don’t think so except with Pluto going into Cap I think it’s bound to be a Republican. You could look at the chart of each candidate and see if they had transits that would indicate prominence and power. I myself am not interested enough to do that yet. I can wait 60 days.

Question: On this one astrologer's website, he advertised that you could request to find out your time and manner of death (by special request only). Is that possible?

Aswer: There are some systems that purport to do that and there is the Aarabic Part of Death. I always thought it would be valuable thing to know but something told me not to pursue it. People are highly suggestible.
I think most astrologers have ethical concerns about things like this.
Here is a good discussion:

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