Friday, September 12, 2008

The Mystery of Crowds

This is the kind of thing you see revealed behind the scenes when you analyze all the charts of the people at work or in your class or family.

I just reviewed the last 250 charts I did for astrology readings. I was looking to see where Pluto was entering Capricorn in their chart. I discovered that in all but THREE charts they had no planets in Capricorn whatsoever. That means that out of 250 people who consulted me recently, 247 of them had no Capricorn planets. What are the statstical odds of that? And more important for a metaphysician, what might it "mean"?

Why am I attracting people like that? Are they honing in on my Mighty Capricorn South Node, wanting that particular kind of balance for what is missing in their charts or is it just that people with Capricorn planets and energy avoid the inventive arts because it is more worldly knowledge they are in need of to further their careers and success? Then the no-Capricorn folks might be seeking my wordly knowledge.
At any rate I find it quite intriguing.

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