Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have not taken notice of my keyrings/keys before. Here goes...

My main bunch of keys jingle and jangle as they move from hand to pocket to another pocket, from one coat to another, from my around my neck by my old, trusted most used Air Ambulance’ 'saving time saves lives' keyring ribbon, to having their last jangle when placed over night at home in the toffee quality street tin of years old.

My main bunch of keys...

I use my Air Ambulance key chain (the ribbon looking keyring you can see) to hang my keys around my neck

Because 1, when paying for my food shopping I like to have hands free to pack my food in my trolley bag. I do not want to place my bunch of keys on the checkout counter where they become covered with carrier bags and I can’t find them, or I forget them and not realise till I am at the car ready to get into the car to go home. As has happened in the past. and created, PANIC. Also by having my keys hanging around my neck, it is easier to lean forward to get my Tescos club card key ring (the blue one) swiped to gain my air miles, rather than having to dig deep in my pockets to find it.

Because 2, When paying a visit to a disabled public convenience (toilet), having gained entry with the Large four inch long jailers looking key on my key ring, I need to hang my bunch of keys around my neck to make sure I do not lock the keys in the building when I leave. Once I am outa the public convenience, there is no getting back in unless I have the Key in hand to open the door. If I leave my keys inside, well .... I am stuck out in the open for many hours, perhaps all night if in a rural area. I would not be able to get into the car to drive home and if I managed to get home, would not be able to get inside the house because my house keys are on the same bunch of keys.

Because 3, I do not want to loose my keys when and have no pockets or bag, like when walking the dog,

I hold my trusted keyring ribbon to dangle and shake my keys. The noise the keys make gets the neighbours dog to pay attention and sit, rather than jump up and all over me. The noise also moves the sheep out of my path and down the road to nibble someone else’s garden hedge.

Another key ring on my key bunch is my plastic library card keyring. Having this is great as I can pop into the library at any time and take out a book. Before having the library keyring I would forget my library card and have to go back home for it.

The keys on my keyrings are ...

My back door key, which, I have just discovered is very slim line and has ERA on it. Era reminds me of me being old enough to have the key of the door. My age old belongings inside the property that the key locks up and allows entrance to. The age of the house, now 35 to 40 years old but as draughty as a 2000 + year old castle. Brrrr! My car key. To me this is 'travel' and 'dog kennel. Without my car key, I am grounded, living rural and unable to walk far. My car key is a lifeline, an entrance to a second home complete with, warmth, movement, a sleep area, dog duvets, survival blanket, torch, spade etc... Should I be stuck down a country lane in winter. Dog hairs, dog biscuits, water and bowl. Dog’s chews, toys, and a bottle of water, bar of chocolate and nuts in the cubbyhole for me.

My car steering lock key - protects my second home. My comforts of going to the beach and driving in the mountains. ahh peace.. :)

Gate padlock key - Words to this key are, hassle, frustration, illness, Kids in the village, dugs, underage drinking, footballs, School playground and sex. The life of the young today and Sheep. My gate padlock key holds in all that is outdoors and of my creation in layout and design and planting for growth. My gate padlock key, the barrier to who I let into my garden and whom leaves the garden gate open if they can to let the mountain sheep wander in and destroy anything and everything that is vegetable and plant.

I also have a Guinness penknife key ring. The small knife that helps me open bags of nuts I buy for a snack, and a bottle opener that I never use. Oh! it is an offence to carry a penknife these days in the U.K. So now, I have a dangerous keyring on my key bunch.

I have a hook as a keyring. I got it from the camping shop. Maybe one day I will find a use for it.

There are six keys, eight rings that link my keys and keyrings together, five objects I call keyrings.

If I do numerology on this. 6 + 8+ 5= 19 1+9=10 If I take the 10 as 1.

1 represents - Extraordinary leadership skills, being ambitious, strong willed, courageous, unconventional, inventive, creative, original, pioneering, having a unique approach to problems, being independent, individualistic, and having a great potential for success.

Oh! thats me. what star sign am I?

The main colours of the keyrings on my main bunch of keys are red, blue, green, Red for my passion. ;) Blue and green for the love of nature I have around me.

Surprising what a bunch of keys can tell about, someone, anyone, and me :)

I have keys on other keyrings.

This keyring once belonged to an good friend who is 15- 20 years past over.

The keyring is from my days of working in a souvenir shop in the west end of London. (I may have served one of you if you took a London trip and took home souvenirs)

Another keyring from my past. I love this one because it is big and bulky and not easy to lose. I can also hang it up if I want to.

In a tin I lay all my keys to rest in over night.

I have odd keys and spare keys that have never know the experience of being attached to a keyring. :( but I am sure they hear many a tale from the ones that have.

My Keyrings, reasons and uses for, are practical. I guess I am a practical person.

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