Monday, September 1, 2008

David Duchovny Astrology Chart

As someone just said, "art imitates life". What makes a sex addict? The best book on sexualtiy from an astrological perspective is Barbara Watters' Sex and the Outer Planets.

David Duchovny has checked himself into a clinic for sexual addiction. We don't have the exact time for his birth so the chart is set for noon.

When looking at sheer sexiness ("I'm horny" type level), look at Uranus in a chart. Uranus is also out for shocks and thrills.

Duchovny's Venus conjunct Uranus is highly excitable and thrill seeking particularly in Leo and especially squared to Mars in jumpy flipped-out Gemini. Venus/Mars contacts of any sort are called the "Charlie Chaplin aspect" because evidently it's love in the cottonpatch.

Combine this with Moon in electrifying Aquarius opposite edgy Uranus -- can you say "hit and run"? -- and here is a man who is hotwired and overstimulated by women. It is so much Uranus, too, that might give the tendency for exhibitionism or doing it in risky or kinky ways and places that goes along with some sex addiction.

We wish David Duchovny well in his program for recovery. We enjoyed him in "Californication" and, yes, there's always some typing in casting.

What I find perhaps more interesting because I'm the Saturn expert is that Saturn is approaching Duchovny's North Node. This is a time of serious and great progress for his soul. He has a long list of things he wanted to clean up in this lifetime and presumably this is a good start.

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