Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worth Passing Along


The earth is not our mother. It is our child. And as with any child, its well-being demands that it be held - to be held in our dreams, as we would hold an infant in our arms. And, as an infant with its smile reflecting the environment of the home provided by its parents, so is Earth a reflection

of humanity's collective embrace. Your relationship with your own body is a microcosm of your part in the collective and its relationship to our planet. To see yourself, your body connected - as a part of the Earth - is to require imagination. Watch a child and how they play with leaves or the light bouncing on the wall, or feel freedom in the wind. It is in times like these, where the imagination is charged, the dream is on, that to the Earth you become a moment of calmness. The embrace is secure.

To laugh at meditation; to deny yourself time to contemplate; to ignore all your experience while out of the body; to fear your own nature; to see your path - is to fear nothing more than your own imagination. And it is this fear, fear of dreaming, that disconnects you, not just from yourself but from the whole.

Now let us take a deep breath and return to a simple picture: the space around you, right around your body, is not empty.

- John Fulton , Aesclepion News Letter, San Rafael

Visit John's website and learn more: http://www.aesclepion.net/Dreams.html

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