Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Letting Go with Pluto

Many of you dear ones are at your wit's end. If there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, no windows, no doors, sit quietly, breathe deeply ten times in and out and say out load until you can feel the calm and power descend upon you, "Be still and know that I Am God."

These are the things you might let go of:

· negativity
· doubt
· fear
· worry
· confusion
· testing
· hostility
· strife
· revenge
· helplessness (victim)
· pessimism
· jealousy
· greed
· possessiveness
· grief
· despair
· thinking you can do it all by yourself
· blaming others
· having to be right
· cutting off your nose to spite your face


Anonymous said...

thank you for this. it's a hard time.

Mary Kate said...

I don't know enough about astrology to know what Pluto in Leo in my first house is causing, but I know as a Pisces I'm not feeling like my usual self these days. I'm not handling the constant dysfuction in my family or the world, the way I usually do. I'm feeling angry. Being the the crest of a Saturn return isn't helping. I'm reading your words and I thank you for them. At least someone is showing up for life!