Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturn and Neptune together in Libra

Beginning to look at Saturn in Libra and their upccoming Saturn Return in a few years.

Those born within 5 years of you have Saturn and Neptune together in Libra. This produces difficulties in a social aspect, knowing who people "really" are and where you stand with them, why they act one way one time and another the next.

Many with this aspect learn hard lessons in good judgment about people by having relationships with sociopaths because there is difficulty getting a handle on when a person is acting or when they are sincere. It is hard to touch the core of another person with any reliability when ou have Saturn and Neptune in Libra.

There are usually many lies or denials within the birth family about things like adoption, legitimacy, who's doing what to whom which leads to mixed signals later on. What can really help is when you meet somemone or wonder why someone is acting the way they are - like at work, one day cordial, the next day you're invisible - identify a grounded realistic person and ask their opinion.

This challenge occurs only in a social setting interacting with others but it can lead to being insecure about who you are because we form our impression of ourselves in the mirroring of others. In this case the mirror is inevitably distorted.

Another issue is holding your own in a relationship. It's hard to strike a balane between placating or calling the whole thing off. Passive agressive behavior is a danger.

If you have Saurn and Neptune together in Libra (born around 1952) what are YOUR issues?
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Anonymous said...

Ok this is how I have felt for most of my life....I am always battling these feelings...that's why I do not trust many people or strangers ....

Anonymous said...

I want to be visable with confidence.......