Friday, November 21, 2008

Come to Hadley Ajana's Amnesty Write-a-Thon

About Amnesty Internationa's Global Write-a-Thon:'

Each year around International Human Rights Day (December 10), activists from across the world take action on behalf of selected individuals at risk of human rights abuses.

Through the Write-a-Thon, tens of thousands of participants in more than 30 countries bring concentrated pressure to elicit positive change in the lives of the highlighted human rights defenders, prisoners of conscience, and other victims of human rights abuses.

I will have the featured cases this year and all writing supplies.

Cookies, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate provided.

Please stay all day or drop by for just a few minutes. Any letters or postcards you write at the Write-a-Thon will make a difference ~ pens, paper, envelopes will all be provided along with samples of what one might say.

December 14

10 to 4

4823 Twain Avenue, San Diego (Allied Gardns) 92120

Learn more about the Amnesty Write-a-Thon.

Sami al Hajj was helped by the letter writing campaign. Sami was a Sudanese cameraman working for al-Jazeera and was taken into custody in Pakistan on his way to cover Afghanistan. He endured torture at Bagram and then went to Guantanamo for two years.
According to Amnesty International:
"Thousands of people wrote letters on behalf of Sami al Hajj, culminating in the 2007 Global Write-a-thon. In May 2008 Sami al Hajj was released and reunited with his wife and young son."
See the video of Sami after release below and read more of his story here.

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