Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pluto Has Been in Capricorn Before

What happened in years past when Pluto was in Capricorn?

042 – 061
43-51 Romans invade Britain; Brits defeated in 51
58 Emperor Ming-Ti introduces Buddhism to China

287 – 306
301 Kingdom of Armenia is first nation w/ Christianity as official religion
303 – 311 Persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire
285 – 305 Roman Empire divided; Civil & Military functions separated;
Currency unstable & new fiscal system introduced; senate loses
remaining power

532 – 551
500-550 Mass migration of Celtic monks to Brittany as Celtic
Monasticism spreads through Europe
530 St. Benedict codifies the Benedictine rule for monasteries in Europe
532-537 Hagia Sopia, the cathedral of Constantinople (Byzantine) built [some say the most beautiful building in the world]
542-594 Plague spreads through Europe, killing ½ population
550 The churches of Georgia and Armenia split
550 The great Mar’ib Dam, built in 500BC collapse and the agricultural garden of southern Arabia dries up. The land becomes desert and the Arab tribes turn to nomadic pastoralism [this was a cataclysmic change similar perhaps to toda's climate changes]

[ruins of the Mar'ib and origin of th eArabs]

778 – 796
772-785 Charlemagne ending the Dark Ages in Austria, Saxony & Lombardy
785 The Roman year 753 became 1AD under Charlemagne
793 Vikings invade Britain for the first time

1024 – 1041

1025 Sugar extracted from sugar cane by the Persians
1030 Normans set out to conquer all of So. Italy
1032 Burguny made part of Roman Empire
1040 Macbeth murders Duncan, king of Scotland
1041 Movable type developed in China

1269 – 1286

1250-1273 Imperial authority dissolves (Holy Roman Empire)
1270 Korea negotiates peace with Mongol invaders
1271-1295 Marco Polo of Venice to China
1271 Moscow becomes the capital of Grand Duch of Suzdal-Vladimir
1273 Thomas Aquinas writes “Summa Theologica”, the basis of all Catholic theological teachings, based on Aristotle
1274 Council of Lyon ruinites Byantine & Roman churches; repealed in 1282
1274 Mongols first attempt to invade Japan defeated by a typhoon
1275 Mechanized clocks reinvented in Europe
1277 Landmines used by Chinese against Mongol invaders
1279 Kublai Khan creates the Yuan dynasty
1280 The spinning wheel, the first geared machine, used in India
1281 Mongols second attempt to invade Japan defeated by a typhoon
1282 Eyeglasses invented by Alessandro di Spina in Florence—extending
the productive period in men’s lives
1282 Salting fish used in the Netherlands for preservation
1283 Edward I conquers Wales

1515 – 1532

1515 The fur trade becomes a major economic force in North America
1515 Anarchy in Ireland
1516 Portuguese sail directly to China for 1st time and settle in Canton
1516 Sir Thomas Moore publishes “Utopia”
1517 Martin Luther nails his 95 Theses
1519-1521 Hernando Cortes conquers Mexico for Spain
1519-1522 Ferdinand Magellan begins journey to circumnavigate world
1520 Martin Luther excommunicated
1523 Spain takes sugar cane to Cuba
1524-1526 Peasant uprisings (Ger/Holy Roman Empire)
1528 Spain takes wheat to Mexico
1531-1533 Francisco Pizzaro conquers Peru
1531 First modern stock exchange established in Antwerp
1532 Sir Thomas Moore resigns over Henry VIII’s divorce
1533 Henry VIII marries Ann Boleyn

1762 – 1778

1762 Mozart tours world as a 6-yr old prodigy
1764 The spinning jenny accelerates the spinning of thread
1764 Expulsion of Jesuits from France
1766 Henry Cavendish discovers hydrogen
1768-1779 James Cook begins 3 Pacific explorations
1769 James Watt improves Newcombe engine—practical power plant
1769 First steam wagon produced in France
1771 Carl Scheele discovers oxygen
1773 Pope Clement XIV dissolves Jesuit order
1776 Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” & Edward Gibbon’s “Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire” published
1778 Franz Mesmer used hypnotism

In America

1764 Sugar Act
1765 Quartering Act, Stamp Act
1770 Boston Massacre
1773 Boston Tea Party
1774 First Continental Congress
1775-1783 War of Independence
1775 Battles of Lexington & Concord
1775 Second Continental Congress
1776 Declaration of Independence
1781 Articles of Confederacy ratified
1782 Treaty of Versailles
1787 Constitutional Convention

First African-American president of the US
Global warming
Economic disasters


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