Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have You Ever Noticed .. for the Week

  • how merciless Michael Lutin is on Pisces
  • how much Uranians love to shock people
  • how religious Venus/Pluto people are in their obsessed devotion to the object of their desire
  • how great it feels to get kicked in the butt by an Aries when you need it the most
  • how unattractive it is to be needy on any level
  • how Tauruses always have kleenex, a spare set of keys, Auto Club insurance and cash on hand
  • how shy Capricorns are
  • how much Virgos love to clean up messes (on all levels)
  • how easily Scorpios can say no
  • how droopy Leos are when they aren't getting any attention


Scorpioland said...

I agree with this one: "how unattractive it is to be needy on any level"

Neediness is rooted in fear and cowardice & it is a really debilitating and ugly emotion to carry.

I know because I'm fighting temporary neediness right now!! LOL.

And as a Scorp, I hate feeling I need someone... but sometimes you just ache.

Ugh! Anyway.... I'm curing myself.

Loonsounds said...

Who is Michael Lutin?

Queen of Wands said...

A very well known astrologer like for Vanity Fair magazine. He is caustic, witty, biting and often quite incisive. Visit MIkey at but don't let him scare you!

Susan Psychic Astrologer said...

You are so right about Leos, and there must be something in the stars right now. Saturn Uranus? Because all my Leos are sad little pussycats right now. It doesn't seem to be the time for Leos to get the attention they need to shine. Right now it's all wet fur and no purr.

Queen of Wands said...

Wish we could give the big cat some catnip.

Hey don't forget to read the SHOUTOUT TO LEOS further ahead in the blog and take the poll.