Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Goodness Factor in Intuition

I’ve been teaching people how to develop their intuition for over 25 years here in the San Diego area and especially when I owned a metaphysical bookstore I met people who had some questionable motives. I learned from this that goodness is an important quality if we aspire to develop your intuition.

I’m convinced that the goodness of our motives has an influence on how much our intuition will develop. There is an esoteric teaching in the Kabala, similar to ideas in Aleister Crowley and consistent with my experience, that the Mighty Archangel HRU or the Mighty Archangel Michael from the Temperance card of the Tarot deck guards the entrance to the world of intuition (the Tipharet sephiroth). Please remember in this discussion an important tenet in esoteric studies, symbols are realities on other planes. The job of this Angel is to protect you from letting in too much light. This is because if you have been living in darkness, it will blind you to behold the light. The people in Plato’s cave had to look at the bright world through a mirror.
At first we look into the intuitive world through symbols, such as the Tarot cards, and through dreams, images, patterned activities like history and long distance driving, meditation, spiritual studies and communing with nature. Then one day the Angel lets us all the way in.

This is an activity of grace. We may struggle and become impatient, but it is grace that finally admits us. The symbolic language of the esoteric arts describes something I have seen with my own eyes.

Sam is a young man who came into my bookstore. He wanted to develop his intuition and he was sincere in his spirituality. But he had emotional trauma and frequently tried to bargain, seduce or manipulate others for the closeness he wanted. He tended to keep this separate from his spiritual life, almost as though he did not want these two parts of himself to meet!

Intuition is a faculty of the right brain. It takes place in the area between your two seeing eyes and is often called “the Third Eye”. Physiological changes take place in the pituitary gland when your “Third Eye” is opened.

Emotions take place in a different part of your esoteric body. They congregate in the astral plane that surrounds you, for all to see if they have eyes and if they do not have eyes, they still sense it.

In a way, Sam really was two different people. His higher mind was a beautiful place. His desire for spiritual growth was sincere. He wished no ill to anyone. But Sam’s emotions talked a different kind of talk. This is why Sam had to heal his emotional body before he could integrate it with his higher mind and “enter the kingdom” as we say in the esoteric arts.

Psychic abilities and clairvoyance are activities which can take place regardless of your goodness or even in spite of your badness. This is why I encourage my students to pursue spiritual growth and intuition rather these activities. If we develop our intuition, these gifts are “added unto” us in the best possible way. They enter the picture as willing servants to the good. In the Kabala, this is called “going up the middle pillar”.

Perhaps you think my use of the words good and bad is simplistic. Yes, but there is no better way to make clear what I am trying to say!

The best way to develop and use intuition is to set its default this way:

“My clear instructions to you are that I want to be happy, prosperous and of service to others. I want the highest good for all concerned in every situation in which I am involved. If I give you contrary instructions, please refer to back to this override.”

Give your intuition this set of instructions and then relax into it and let it guide you. If you would like to learn more about the way intuition guides, visit my listmania -- books that help develop the languages of the right brain at:

You can see that this is very different than using your intuition to get some one or some thing that you want!

Intuition is like catching a fish. The more you try to grab at it, the more it slips out of your hand. You have to “set the trap” so to speak. This is described in the esoteric arts as baiting the hook. The Hebrew letter for the Star card in the Tarot deck is Tzaddi, which means “fish-hook”. You have to put bait on a hook to catch your intuition. How different this hook is from the one you use to seduce, manipulate and control others. The best bait, by the way, is meditation.
Once you are hooked up to your intuition, it will guide you. It really is like hitching your wagon to a star!

Good luck developing your intuition. If you’d like more resources, please visit my INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT COURSE information page.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is good good good......

pixiequix said...

"Intuition is like catching a fish. The more you try to grab at it, the more it slips out of your hand."

So very true.

I had the most amazing experience with my intuition the other day... My significant other had been at a follow-up job interview and I was at home trying to focus on him getting the job when all of a sudden my thoughts shifted into "he got the job." When he got home I told him that I thought he had in fact been given the job, and that they would call him that evening to let him know. Sure enough, several hours later the employer called and offered him the position.

At first I'd been hesitant about telling him anything because I wasn't sure if it really was my intuition or just my own desire for him to get the job. It can be tough to decipher between the two. But in this particular instance my intuitive voice spoke very clearly, leaving me feeling confident in what I was sensing.