Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stressful Times with Pluto

Just wondering … three people have had violent food reactions in the last few days, almost like food poisoning.

Anybody else out there have that experience? This energy is really intense. It will find a way out through a familiar stress point so watch out for accidents of all sorts as well as ways in which your own individual system tends to go down under stress (bronchitis, hives, sore throat, etc.)

Ways to manage stress:
· Meditate
· Get a massage
· Sit in a hot tub or your own tub
· Cook if that’s relaxing for you
· Listen to the music that soothes you
· Turn down social engagements and take care of yourself for a few days
· Find one of those kind, gentle Pisces or an infp and have a little cry as you tell them how hard it all is


Anonymous said...

Also, I’ve lived in my sweats the last few days and haven’t ventured out of the house/office except to exercise, so I am shielding myself as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you keep your feet covered, very important. I tend to be barefoot in the house, and I stepped where I had sprayed ant spray, made me very ill as you can absorb through the foot easily.

I also take acai berry capsules or juice. Also don't eat those cute " baby" carrots, they are soaked in a solution. I am buying my food whole and prepping from scratch as much as possible.

Hope this helps. I have on classical music right now and candles going while I work..............

Anonymous said...

No violent food reactions. Although I have been the Pisces/INFP that a few people have leaned on.

The energy level has been very intense as of late. It feels like things could "blow" at any second and it feels that way all the time. It's draining. I've been sleeping and meditating a lot, and listening to lots of music.

Anonymous said...

no food poisoning symptoms, but minimal appetite...not very interested in food.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about food issues also from other people but things are moving right along for me.

Anonymous said...

Also, I was quite nauseous and way out of it this morning; regarding your other e-mail

Anonymous said...

in regards to your email, i have picked up a cold over the last few days, and things on my end have been VERY VERY stressful since this past weekend, most especially yesterday, tuesday and today, wednesday- lots of stresssssssssssssssssssss!

I do Bikram yoga on a daily basis- which REALLY REALLY makes you sweat like hell AND cleans out all of the toxins in your body-
I feel like I am reborn after every class.!!
Bikram Yoga is a very good thing that I am addicted to!

Anonymous said...

I am lost in intense emotions right now and have no focus. I feel left behind and isolated? I feel confused about what I really want? I am deeply lonely. I feel that everyone wants a piece of me, and I am tired of giving. I feel nobody wants to really listen.

Anonymous said...

Funny that you should mention the stomach upset issue. I am home today sick as a dog with something that is making me incredibly nauseous.

Nancy Fenn said...

This can also be a way to release toxic emotions.