Monday, November 3, 2008

Metaphysical Questions

The Fool Card from the Marchetti Deck
Question from a student:
I was wondering if I could ask you a question of a metaphysical nature that I've been thinking about for some time now, and that the Fool Card of our Tarot course somehow has been bringing to mind.

In terms of the idea of consciousness after death, does everyone (in incarnation) experience consciousness after physical death or, as some of the readings I've done in the past imply (like the teachings of Gurdjieff, the Left Hand path, etc), does consciousness need to be built up through successive incarnations on earth before we can experience the astral world consciously like a lucid instead of an uncontrolled dream?

Does the Fool card of the Tarot thus signify a sort of "meta awareness," incorporating a "wake-up call" in earthly and in-between worlds as well?

I would be so pleased to hear your perspective, or even if I'm near the right track in my thinking!



I would agree with Gurdjieff and that is what I learned with the Qabalah as well in a sense. But most people I read for are such Old Souls, it's a different, select group, yourself included though you block it most of the time still. Myself, I have expaanded my awareness so much through spiritual practices I can't remember a time when I didn't exist and one reason I love "history" is that I was "there" through so much of it.

In its purest form The Fool is just the "thought" to "will" reincarnation. "Aha! I will leap again into the flesh!! It's pure mpulse but not fiery, rather it is the thouoght or decision. It is Uranus ruled.

It is the first card and the last card, th Lpha and the Omega, because every single thing in our lives can be traced back to a thought/decision even sometimes a "foolish" or idle one or through lifetimes a quest to learn something from opposite perspectives.

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